Will the running calf become thicker?

First, landing technology is not good, resulting in illusion.

Some people run on the toes, so that the calf will be tired, there is a sense of tension, feel the legs in the "growth." In fact, this is only an illusion. The basic form of human beings is natural, and the shape of the legs is the same, and it will not become rough as a result of several running calves. In aerobic strength training, such as dumbbell exercise, barbell exercises, the expansion rate of muscle will not exceed 20%.

Therefore, in the daily running, even if the lower leg is thicker, it will not exceed this ratio, and this ratio is almost invisible.

Second, runners believe that running has burned fat, so they can eat more, and gain weight, and therefore the legs become thicker. This is not related to running itself.

· What kind of exercise can cause the leg to become thicker?

Strength training may be like this. Weight-bearing and lifting exercises can make calf muscles, such as men's bodybuilding. The muscles on the calf are hard to practise, so daily exercise does not generally result in thicker calves.

How to eliminate this worry and prejudice?

First, pay attention to running posture.

The correct running posture should be a transition from the heel to the forefoot.

Second, relax after running exercises.

Stretch, relax calf, knead, stretch.

Third, pay attention to running time and speed.

The average aerobic exercise time is 20 to 60 minutes. Excessive muscle fatigue and joint wear can occur. The speed should not be too fast, and the heart rate range of aerobic exercise should be controlled within: (220-age)×(60%-80%). For example, for a 20-year-old man, his aerobic exercise has a heart rate range of 120 to 160 beats/min. Fat will stop decomposing under anaerobic conditions. Outside of the above heart rate range, fat will not burn and the exercise effect cannot be guaranteed.

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