Which model is good for your 3m mask?

The main object of resistance for 3m masks is particulate matter. Because the concept of "dust" is relatively narrow, dust is a big concept of particulate matter, including dust (produced by mechanical crushing), fog (liquid), smoke (produced by burning, etc.) and microorganisms, also called aerosols. The particles that can enter the deep part of the human lung are very small and have a great health hazard, which is the culprit of all kinds of pneumoconiosis. Especially now that the smog is rampant, it is affecting people's health, so people have chosen to go out wearing masks. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce to you which model of 3m mask is good.

        Want to know which model of 3m mask is good, first we have to understand the 3m mask as a whole. The difference between the 3m mask models mainly refers to the types of masks produced by 3m company and the differences in functions, functions, application ranges and shapes. In general,         It can be divided into three categories, and if subdivided, it can be expanded to more than twenty categories. So, what are the products in these categories?

        1, mask model: 8247 meets the R95 mask standard, the 3m mask is a gas dust mask, also an activated carbon mask;

        2, mask model: 8246 R95 and 8247 masks are the same, in line with the R95 mask standard, is an acid gas 3m mask;

        3, mask model: 8515 N95 economical welding with 3m mask (dust mask);

        4, mask model: 8512 N95 welding dust mask;

        5, mask model: 8514 N95 welding dust mask (is an anti-ozone 3m mask);

        6, mask model: 8233 N100 high-efficiency protective mask, this mask is very dust-proof and highly efficient, in line with the N100 standard;

        7, mask model: 1860 N95 protective 3m mask;

        8, mask model: 9132 N95 3m dust mask;

        9, 9132 3m mask; 10, 3m respirator.

        11, folding 3m mask: 9001A folding dust mask (ear-wear mask);

        12, folding 3m mask: 9002A folding dust mask (head-mounted / large);

        13, folding 3m mask: 9003A folding dust mask (ear wear / standard number);

        14, folding 3m mask: 9004A folding dust mask (headset / standard number);

        15. Folding 3m mask: 9021A folding dust mask (gray, ear-worn);

        16, folding 3m mask: 9022A folding dust mask (gray, head-mounted);

        17, folding 3m mask: 8200C FFP1 maintenance-free dust mask;

        18, dust mask 3m mask: 8210 N95 dust mask (Chinese packaging);

        19, dust mask 3m mask: 8110S N95 dust mask;

        20, dust mask 3m mask: 8511 N95 dust mask (with exhalation valve);

        21, dust mask 3m mask: 8822 P2 dust mask (with breathing valve);

        22, dust mask 3m mask: 9320 P2 folding dust mask;

        23, dust mask 3m mask: 9332 P3 folding dust mask (with breathing valve mask).

        Among the above 3m masks, the more commonly used ones are KR and KN series, the KR series can filter oily particles, and the KN series mainly filters non-oily particles, but cannot filter oily particles.

        In the smoggy city, the 95 series is a good choice, with a higher filtration index. Sealing aspect 8210>9010, 9005, but 8210 can not be folded, 9010, 9005, etc. can be folded, easy to put in the bag, pocket. In addition, wearing a breathing valve is not easy, it will be more comfortable.

        The above is a good introduction and suggestion about which model of 3m mask, I hope to bring you some useful suggestions in the difficulty of choice.

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