Wardrobe companies need to slow down and struggle to be thinkers

The wardrobe originated in Europe and the United States, and the identity of the imported goods is destined to the identity of its imported products. Introduced to Hong Kong through Hong Kong, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the improvement of people's living standards, the influence of the spread of foreign kitchen culture, the wardrobe quickly took root in the mainland, and gradually flourished with the changes in people's lifestyles. Such a huge market.

衣柜企业需放慢追脚步 争做思考者

Wardrobe companies need to slow down and struggle to be thinkers

At the beginning of the development of the wardrobe, there was no mature production and production process, and there was no advanced design concept. Only the ready-made designs of foreign countries could be copied. This is somewhat similar to the modern "Western Movement" movement. Chinese progressives bought foreign guns and continued to imitate them in their own military factories, eventually producing their own gun weapons. Even if the domestic wardrobe is imitation, there is no intellectual property, but it still makes due contributions to the popularity of the wardrobe.

In retrospect, the domestic wardrobe counterparts have been playing the role of a "catch-up", and it is definitely a big chaser, hoping to shorten the gap with foreign leaders by catching up with the increased experience. However, this catching up is not only shocking the foreign counterparts, but also bringing confusion to ourselves: when is it catching up? In fact, this is a kind of quick success and instant performance. I think we should put down the identity of the "catch-up" and try to play a new identity: "thinkers." Because it is just catching up, you can never find your own Style. There is a very popular discourse on the Internet, which has been imitated and never surpassed. The behind-the-scenes of this sentence also confirms this truth.

To be a thinker does not mean to completely abandon the pursuit, but to slow down the pace of catching up, to try to figure out the culture and style that belongs to and suits you. Speaking of this, I have to mention a brand "MUJI", the Chinese name is called MUJI. MUJI has only been a very small brand in China more than a decade ago, and there are not many people who know it. However, with the advent of the information age, the amount of information that people browse online is growing. The popularity of MUJI is not too small in China. The concept of product design is simple: minimalist, unlicensed, environmentally friendly, and plain. But those who have visited MUJI, even if the purchase demand does not fit, will feel that the rows and rows of things on the shelf are clean and comfortable, and it is very pleasant to visit, and it is not the petty bourgeoisie of IKEA, nor the shopping atmosphere of the store. From the root, MUJI is just a Japanese grocery brand. From the perspective of brand extension, it has everything from pencils, notebooks, food, business card holders to basic utensils. In recent years, it has expanded to houses, buildings, flower shops, coffee shops. These areas have even developed a “good” culture with their high-quality, unlicensed and low-priced brand routes.

See you here, what did you think of? A little bit more here, the minimalist style of MUJI seems to have evolved from the core idea of ​​the Zen “empty” they believe in. We are vocal about China's vast land, profound culture, and thousands of years of heritage, so I have reason and confidence. When we slow down the pace of the chaser and play a thinker, it is the so-called true golden age of this industry. ".

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