Use color management when printing (4)

Print color targets for custom profiles

The color target is printed to create a custom profile. In general, colored-color target documents with swatches are provided as part of a third-party color management software package. When you print a color target, you want to turn off all color management features in Photoshop and the printer driver. After the color target is printed, third-party metrology tools can read/scan it to create a custom profile.

Print color target:

Open the color target document in Photoshop.
Choose File > Print Preview.
In the Print Preview dialog box, make sure Show Other Options is selected and Color Management is selected from the menu.
In the "Source Space" area, select "Document" to reproduce the document color as explained in the configuration file currently assigned to the document.
In the Print Space area, choose Same as Source from the Profile menu.
Click the Print button.
In the Print dialog box (for setting printer options), set the printer driver for No Color Management, Off Color Adjustment, Off Color Management.
Click the Print button.

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