Unpredictable Cell Metabolism ELISA Kit

Shanghai Huyu researchers found that metabolism in cells proceeds in an irregular manner. Since metabolism is a motor that drives all living things in cells, this instability has the potential to play a role in diseases such as cancer.

Living cells are a chemical plant that has been in use. Cells take up sugars such as glucose, break them down into smaller molecules, and use them to construct DNA, proteins, cell membranes, and energy molecules that drive cell factories. This gradual process is called metabolism, which enables cells to perform a variety of functions as well as growth and proliferation, thereby creating the entire body.

Until now, scientists have believed that because of the supply of sugar and other nutrients, cell factories always operate in a conventional way, and there are so many molecules in the cells that the random movement of some molecules is negligible.

Shanghai Huyu researchers said: "This is a good idea, but even if the metabolism is regular and constant, it is difficult to understand the mechanism by which countless reactions affect each other." Now, Shanghai Huyu Research Group found cells. The metabolic activity fluctuates in an unpredictable way, making the operation of the cell factory more complicated.

Relay race

The researchers came to this conclusion with two clever methods. First, they focus on a single reaction in a cell factory at some point, such as a sugar decomposition step. By binding fluorescent proteins to the enzyme that drives this reaction, they can record the amount of enzyme and the rate of reaction. In addition, scientists have developed a new automated microscopy technique to track the growth rate of individual cells during E. coli cell growth and proliferation.

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