Thermosil Compressible Layer Technology

Many problems caused by defective blankets are revealed in printing, thus causing unnecessary waste of costs for the printing factory.

In order to take into consideration the problems caused by blankets as soon as possible in research and development, the company used blanket presses to test on a rolling test bench before launching the blankets, simulating actual production conditions, prior to the blanket being The printing performance is analyzed, and the test results are guaranteed by the calculated data so as to avoid the user's cost loss to the greatest extent. In addition, other harvests can also be obtained through measurement and calculation. For example, Contitech specially developed a new compressible layer T Hermos il to better meet the needs of users.

The production of Thermosil blankets is rather sophisticated, and silicates are used in curing to improve performance. Contitech spent five years developing the Thermosil compressible layer and continuously tested it on the jointly designed rolling test stand of Contitech and KBA. The test rig is composed of a blanket cylinder and a metal pressure roller. The test rig can adjust different speeds and pressures. It can perform dynamic and actual analysis on the blanket. It also uses the sensor to determine the temperature rise of the blanket and the damping state. Repeated tests with the paper transport state until the blanket with the T Hermosil compressible layer meets the requirements of the press. Two advantages to lower the temperature

The special configuration of the web offset press has special requirements on the blanket. Compared to the splay tower type, the non-shaft satellite type printing machine often has problems with the blanket during the transfer process: the paper conveying state is not smooth and the temperature rises. Too high. As a result, Contitech engineers developed a new compressible, thermocompressible layer of Thermosil for fast-running rotary presses to control temperature-resistant interference at high print speeds.

T Hermosil's compressible layer allows blankets to reduce the surface temperature of the blanket, reducing the accumulation of ink on the blanket, indirectly reducing the number of blanket cleanings, and maintaining ink and water balance at all times during high volume printing.

Prevent paper deformation

T Hermosil's compressible layer allows the blanket to adhere firmly to the fabric and has a strong resistance to delamination. This reduces the paper's unfavorable transport conditions and prevents the paper from being deformed, thereby improving the accuracy of overprinting of the product and extending the printing plate. Service life. Product Application Conti-Air Blanket

Thermosil compressible layers can also be added to Contitech's traditional product "Conti-Air". Tests have shown that the addition of the Thermosil compressible layer to its new FSETR blanket has the advantage of significantly reducing the blanket wear-thickness loss in continuous printing, since this thickness loss is mainly due to the air being removed from the This is not the case when the Thermosil compressible layer is extruded in the fabric.

FSR TR blanket

Since all commercial rotary press manufacturers set the blanket's nominal thickness to 1.69mm, this standard makes it easy for the blanket to wrinkle during the printing process, and the Thermosil compressible layer is thicker than the traditional compressible layer structure. Therefore, it is added to the "FSR TR" blanket to provide excellent resistance to paper wrinkles.

Conti-Air Entropia TR

The Thermosil compressible layer can also be used in "Conti-Air Entropia TR" blankets, which are suitable for use in satellite-structured shaftless printing presses. Unlike conventional blankets, they do not apply to satellite drums in the embossing contact area. Tangential force, and the same pressure.

In addition, Contitech also has a new style of rubber plywood for blankets that use Thermosil compressible layers.

Reprinted from: Printed Materials in China

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