The Swiss Federal Technical University invented a new method for fast food inspection is the mass spectrometer

According to the international "Applied Chemistry" magazine, the Swiss Federal Technical University has recently developed a new method for rapid detection of food quality. This method of rapid analysis of food surface and composition is not only suitable for food quality control, but also can be used for detection. Doping, explosives, and material conversion studies.

The test method was developed by Renato Zenobi, a scientist at the Swiss Federal Technical University, and Chen Huanwen, a Chinese scientist. The core of the test equipment is a mass spectrometer, which has a highly sensitive "molecular scale" function that can accurately display samples The molecular weight of the substance changes.

Generally, when using a mass spectrometer to detect, a beam of nitrogen is first sprayed on the sample surface to make the sample surface semi-wet, so that an electron mist source can be generated in the mass spectrometer, and tiny water droplets of the electron mist absorb the sample surface. Molecule, and then the mass spectrometer can detect the chemical composition of the sample and its changes. The uniqueness of the new detection method is that it eliminates the sample preparation process, and can simply test samples in various states, such as frozen food, so that the new method can not only detect food, but also detect dangerous explosives And biological weapons.

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