The importance of maintenance of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The quality of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is very important, but the later maintenance is the key to the life of the testing instrument, so the operator must do a strict, practical, fine and fast style, use the equipment correctly, carefully maintain, and earnest Protect the equipment. Use a serious attitude and scientific methods to maintain and repair equipment. Edson Technology Department provides you with maintenance notes for constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

1. Strictly follow the operating procedures and prescribed steps; start and stop the equipment, make careful preparations before starting, check repeatedly during start-up, properly handle after stopping, and do not overpressure or overload.

2. Clean the inside and outside of the equipment; there is no greasy dirt or bumps on the sliding surfaces, screws, racks, gears, etc., and there is no water leakage, oil leakage, and swarf cleaning.

3. Regularly overhaul the line; check whether there are hidden safety problems such as loose connection, peeling and falling of the wire, and it is forbidden to assemble, process, reselect or repair without permission.

4. Clean the compressor condenser and copper pipe regularly every three months to avoid overpressure and overload caused by excessive dust. After the cleaning, conduct a leak detection test to confirm that the compressor is operating normally without leakage. No damage.

5. Accurately calibrate the meter once every six months.

6. If an abnormality is found, stop immediately. If you cannot handle the problem, you should promptly notify the relevant personnel to check and deal with it.

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