The development of packaging machinery industry should pay attention to changes in market demand

Guide: With the continuous development and changes of the packaging market, China's packaging machinery industry has also undergone changes, the development and application of new materials to adapt to the market, changes in international market demand, and the development bottleneck of the “small and scattered” pattern are worthwhile. The question that corporate decision makers ponder.

The development of packaging technology has evolved with the demand for commodity circulation. For goods, packaging is mainly for protection, isolation, quantification, decoration and description, which is also the function and characteristics of traditional packaging. With the development of commodity economy, the functional requirements of goods for packaging are getting stronger and stronger, and the intelligentization of packaging is an imperative trend in the development of commodity packaging.

With the expansion of the packaging market, the development of the domestic packaging machinery industry has also encountered the problem of “small and scattered”, which has become a bottleneck for the development of the packaging machinery industry. In order to meet the rapid development needs of the pharmaceutical industry and actively participate in international competition, China's packaging machinery must break the "small and scattered" industry situation. The industry also believes that the future packaging industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, in the development of technology towards the diversification of mechanical functions, structural design standardization, modularization, intelligent control, high-precision structure and other developments. Improving the automation level and quality level of the entire packaging chain is a very important part of the packaging machinery industry. Each robot of a truly modern packaging machine should be computer controlled and have a high resolution of material and thickness.

In addition, the development of the domestic packaging machinery industry must improve the packaging performance, and develop high-barrier packaging materials that extend shelf life, such as high-barrier co-extruded composite films. In addition, according to industry estimates, the following materials will also increase in the domestic market: aseptic packaging materials, heating packaging materials for electromagnetic cookers and microwave ovens, packaging materials for food and other agricultural products storage, controlled atmosphere packaging Packaging machinery companies should also keep an eye on changing market demands, such as materials, composite films for electromagnetic shielding, webs and sheetfed gravure products.

Nowadays, in the international market, the share of flexible packaging is gradually expanding. This is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. Among them, flexible packaging has a huge market share in the trademark printing market, and metal and glass container packaging is constantly giving way to flexible packaging materials such as PET and other rigid plastics. The factors driving the expansion of the market share of flexible packaging are the advanced nature of the sheet structure blocking performance and the economical high-quality flexo printing effect. It is predicted that in the next 2-3 years, stand-up pouch packaging will be a dynamic market for the flexible packaging industry.

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