The decoration area personally counts the letter "zero formaldehyde" furniture

From design to renovation, from buying materials to starting work. Renovating a house is time consuming, labor intensive. Due to the asymmetry of information, the owners will face many consumer traps and unspoken rules in this whole process. The newspaper interviewed relevant professionals, from the professional point of view, trying to keep consumers away from the trap and understand consumption.

The decoration area is the most easy to be "ghosted"

The process description is unclear, the area of ​​the individual item is not specific, the inconsistency of the quotation is inconsistent, the data of the water circuit transformation is unclear, etc., etc., are all the "techniques" for the decoration of the "guerrillas" and even the decoration company. Only by figuring out the mystery, can you spend less? money. Hidden in the process description,

When signing a contract with a decoration company, the owner often overlooks the technical description of the contract, especially the material specifications, specifications and grades. In these easy-to-ignore process descriptions, the decoration company may seek “unclear” profits from it.

The famous sculpture decoration company Zhu Xingjiang gave the owner a claim that when signing the contract, the owner should verify the material, specification and grade of the material as an attachment to the contract, so as to avoid problems, and there is no evidence when the lawsuit or defense is held.

Personally measure the decoration area

After talking with the decoration company about the renovation price, many owners thought it would be no problem.

Zhu Xingjiang said that some decoration companies will "ghost" on the various decoration areas, and each area of ​​the decoration will increase the area data slightly. So few hundred yuan, and several thousand yuan will be "destroyed" by the decoration company.

After the owner and the decoration company negotiated the individual price, they must not be afraid of hard work. Together with the decoration team, the size of each decoration area is accurately measured and recorded. At the same time, the total price of the individual item is calculated and attached to the attachment of the contract. In order to avoid wrangling.

Check if the quote is consistent

Before the owner signs the contract with the selected decoration company, he will negotiate the decoration quotation again. After the agreement is reached, the decoration company will give the owner a final version quotation.

Zhu Xingjiang said that some treacherous home improvement companies or guerrillas will “ghost” the craft description or area, simplify the process or steal some materials. The content of the previous negotiations has been completely inconsistent.

When signing a contract, you must personally compare and check item by item. Carefully compare whether it is consistent with the conditions at the time of negotiation. You should not ignore the details to prevent the opportunity to be left.

Hydropower transformation needs to talk about the price

When signing the contract, in terms of hydropower transformation, the decoration company will generally use the actual data of the hydropower to rectify the specific data of the hydropower, and refuse to tell the owner of the specific price of hydropower transformation.

Zhu Xingjiang revealed that in fact, hydropower transformation is an important profit point for “decorating the guerrillas” and even decorating the company.

Before signing a contract with the decoration company, the other party must design the water circuit transformation drawings, and strictly calculate the price according to the drawings, so as to avoid excessive cost in the water circuit transformation.

Furniture can't currently do "zero formaldehyde"

Lighting products, sofas and other household products have mixed chaos, and you must also have skills when purchasing, otherwise you will also eat "dark losses."

Crystal light is better

The lighting products are mixed, and the popular crystal lamps and LED environmental lights are also mixed. How to choose the quality of the guaranteed lighting, Jinda Lighting Minister Li revealed some tricks.

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