The charm of geisha makeup reveals

The oriental face is not just the long-haired phoenix eye. The Geisha makeup from the Han Dynasty to the Dong Dynasty contains the mysterious beauty of the pure and elegant oriental women. In the hot summer, give yourself a charm of Geisha makeup and listen to the open sound of cherry blossoms.

Rhyme geisha makeup

The eyeliner does not need to be emphasized, but it must be there. The thick black eyeliner can emphasize the contour of the eye, strengthen the eyes, and make the pupil look dark and deep. The concentration of the eyeliner color is very important. Use eyeliner or eyeliner to better pull out the sharp eyeliner. In addition, careful bottoming, to create a clean eye skin can also make the eye makeup more clear.
Petal plain white face

Rhyme geisha makeup

The face of geisha makeup should be soft and delicate like the cherry blossom petals in the morning, even if it is a little bit, it will be eclipsed. Select the whitest foundation and evenly make a base. Then use the foundation to adjust the concealer of the same color and place it on all the clams. After 30 seconds, the texture will become thicker. The concealer effect will be very good; finally, use a loose powder, a matte powder to pat the entire face, do not make any highlights and shadows.
Straight thick black eyebrow

Rhyme geisha makeup

The eyebrows control the contours of the face and the look of the eyes. The shape of the eyebrows is both eye-catching and not blunt. When you choose eyebrow powder when sketching, you can easily get a thick black eyebrow. The eyebrow spacing is slightly larger, and the brow is thicker to be more eye-catching. When using the eyebrow powder, draw one third from the eyebrows, and the rest will draw the brows forward. Such eyebrows have a transitional and layered color in the color, which makes the face of a woman a little naive.

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