The autumn night is deeper and deeper.

  I have studied furniture that has been written for decades and has been written for decades. Mr. Wang Shizhen’s description of furniture has been excellent. Reading a little more, I gradually understood the old mood and kindness of Wang Lao. Wang Lao said that Huanghuali furniture is a literati furniture. The so-called literati furniture is naturally a beautiful show, and a bright pearl. In the early years, Wang Lao made several words of "Wang Jiangnan" that praised Huanghuali furniture. The last sentence of each song is the finishing touch, and let us one by one.

  "There are people in the world"

  "Interesting people" is wonderfully used ! A "fun" word has a profound conception. Only love will understand, only understanding will be interesting, and interest is the sublimation of understanding, in order to make "funny outsiders" become "interesting people." And our understanding of Huanghuali furniture is endless. It can be said that it is "interesting people" for a while, and "funny outsiders" for a while. With the immortality of Huanghuali furniture, it was the “interesting person” who understood Huanghuali furniture. Wang Laoxue is rich in eight struggles, but he also wants to envy the "interesting people", which shows Wang Lao's pragmatism and humility.

  Huanghuali furniture is simple and unpretentious, but it is also very solemn. For centuries, the time has passed, and today we are still searching for it. "Alpine Anke Yang, this is a singer." Appreciating and studying Huanghuali furniture is a process of discovery that is full of surprises ; we first admire "there is a strange text in the creation" ; I feel that "the night is easy to kill" ; exclaiming "it is too exquisite" ; turning to "the philosopher I am amazed" ; finally Only "the people in the world".

  The spirit of the literati is a substance, huanghuali wood is also a substance, and huanghuali furniture is the product of the combination of these two substances, the material is immortal, so it seems that the fragrance of huanghuali furniture will also fill the house, around The beam is not scattered.

  The autumn night is deeper and deeper, and a dark scent invades. Thousands of mountains and waters, rushing to the bottom of my eyes, sitting and getting it. Isn't it exciting?

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