Tenderness like water, irritating lower eyeliner

Not long ago, Yang Mi used the eyeliner in Milan to press the crowd, and attracted countless girls to compete for the waist; more people stopped to appreciate it, afraid of makeup, fear of contrived, afraid of being accidentally being used as a powerful role... Are you also a problem girl who can't hold the eyeliner?

Tenderness like underwater eyeliner is not stunned and more lovable

Question 1: Draw a good eyeliner and be serious?

How to draw a good eyeliner "Don't want to be a sharp sister, teach you 4 strokes, become gentle in a second!"

Replace your black eyeliner: change to a coffee color or deep purple will feel soft and gentle; but gray is less useful, it will be dirty when used badly, destroying the overall makeup texture.

Simply put the eye shadow on the eyeliner to paint, and the mascara is also good: first brush the thin one with a very fine eye shadow brush, then superimpose a layer to add a layering effect; or close the mascara At the root of the eyelashes, fill the gaps in the eyelashes and the lower eyeliner.

After painting, you will have a second processing: after painting the eyeliner, a thin and thin eye shadow will appear on the surface of the eyeliner, which will look a lot natural; the first layer of eyeliner must be waterproof, otherwise it will be "Tragic and tolerant".

The lower eyeliner should also breathe: the feeling that the entire eye is dead by the eyeliner will appear a little deliberate and dull, lacking aura, and it is appropriate to leave a gap of about 1/8 at the end of the eye.

Tenderness like underwater eyeliner is not stunned and more lovable

Question 2: After finishing the eyeliner, I will be dizzy after a while?

Draw a line of eyeliner and don't faint. "Don't faint with the eyeliner! Look at my never-fascinating Dafa!"

Draw the upper and lower eyeliner, a blink of an eye, the oil inside, the double oil collision is not faint makeup. Keep your hands in the middle for two minutes. When the eyeliner is dry, it is not easy to faint, just like the principle of nail polish drying.

After drawing a good eyeliner, just take another step and use a cotton swab to squat along the root of the eyelashes, which can greatly extend the makeup time of the eyeliner.

Before drawing with the eyeliner, you can puff the powder on the eyeliner. The fine powder can help absorb the oil, not only to even out the skin tone, but also to prevent the eyeliner from blooming.

Trusted by good goods, novices can play down the eyeliner

Tenderness like underwater eyeliner is not stunned and more lovable

Trustworthy goods recommended

1, MAKEUPFOREVER (microblogging) waterproof smoky eyeliner eye shadow cream 280 yuan

The color saturation of this eyeliner is super high and black, and there is absolutely no problem in creating a perfect smoky finish. What's more important is that it doesn't smudge makeup, even if it's inside, it won't faint, swimming will not faint, and the fear of turning into a panda at the end of the party can be completely eliminated.

2, KISSME dream tears waterproof eyeliner online shopping about 60 yuan

Japan's first-selling eyeliner product, the tip of the nib is very thin, it is very easy to use, the first time you can draw the eyeliner, you can choose it, the fluency is not inferior to the B cloud eyeliner, and it will never smudge, "tears are shining Will not faint."

3, Benefit (microblogging) bad girl waterproof eyeliner 230 yuan

A woman is not bad, a man does not love, and an eyeliner is used to set the side of the eye, so that it is not afraid of not causing pain. The refill is very soft, and even if the make-up rookie is lightly painted, it is easy to develop color. However, the persistence is slightly less, and you need to use a powder to make a bottom before you draw the eyeliner to prevent makeup.

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