Taobao Mall Receives Ali's 1.8 Billion Additional Investment and Announces Five Merchant Support Measures (VC324)

On October 17, Alibaba Group announced in Hangzhou that it will invest an additional 1.8 billion yuan in Taobao Mall to build Taobao Mall into a "city of quality". Taobao Mall also announced five support measures for merchants that day.

Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun and Taobao Mall President Zhang Yong jointly announced the above decision. Zhang Yong emphasized that the pursuit of quality and the protection of consumer rights and interests has become the core of Taobao Mall's series of policies.

Regarding the dispute over the adjustment of the rules, Zhang Yong said that “zero tolerance for counterfeit goods is the bottom line of Taobao Mall. There can be no concessions. But while adhering to the principles, we must learn to listen and listen to our users’ voices. ” .

Taobao Mall also announced support measures for merchants that day, including:

1. For merchants already in Tmall in Taobao Mall, if the customer satisfaction ranking of the merchant's store is not in the last 10% (consumer satisfaction score "DSR" is not less than 4.6 points), the implementation of the new regulations will be postponed until September 2012 30th. The new merchant will execute from January 1.

2 Margin. Merchants can pay a margin in accordance with half of the new rules in 2012. Alibaba Group invested 1 billion yuan to enter the consumer security deposit. The margin is supervised by the Zhejiang Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau and managed by the Bank of China.

3 Loan guarantee, Alibaba Group will provide 500 million yuan for small businesses that meet the requirements to guarantee banks and third-party financial institutions.

4 Increase investment, Alibaba Group increased 300 million investment for marketing and technology platform, if your platform service is in the bottom 10%, we will not give any support, especially if you sell fake goods parallel imports will definitely drive you out . If it is difficult to operate, we will give you 1 year, half of the annual fee, and half of the deposit will be paid for you.

5 Transfer to For merchants who do not renew the contract with the mall or fail to meet the standard, Taobao Mall provides technical assistance to convert its store (B store) to Taobao store (C store), credit and transaction records are in Stored in C store.

Ma Yun said that China's e-commerce is facing industrial upgrading. "I think China's economy will face challenges within 3 to 5 years. The biggest challenges are Chinese private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. The United States and Europe are doing very well in terms of economic structure. I have an important reason for going to the United States this time How Obama can solve the employment problem. The road they have traveled may have experience in China. "

Taobao Mall said that it will expand the scope of consumer protection. Merchants that sell products with serious material and non-conformances will be deemed to be selling fakes; increase the penalties for violations of merchants, and implement "zero tolerance" for shops that operate counterfeit and parallel imports. Once found, it will be cleared immediately and all deposits will be deducted. In addition, Taobao Mall will establish more public supervision mechanisms, increase the intensity of commodity sampling inspections and store inspection systems, and strictly enforce investment review standards to attract more high-quality merchants to settle in.

Zhang Yong finally emphasized that “we will never lower the quality and service threshold due to external factors”, Zhang Yong said that the entire B2C industry is developing and the consumer shopping experience standards are also developing, which requires business operations and services of merchants Ability to keep up with consumer standards and provide them with high-quality goods and services.

The above information source "Venture Investment" is authorized by the China Venture Capital Research Institute (CVCRI) to publish it. All rights reserved. Please indicate the source when reprinting.

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