Talking about: Analysis of electronic ink printing characteristics and uses

With the continuous network and digitalization of printing technology, digital offset printing has begun to spread at home and abroad, and a new type of ink suitable for digital offset printing presses, electronic ink, has also been used by people. Electronic ink contains charged liquid ink particles, which makes it possible to electronically control the position of printing particles in digital printing. Electronic ink can reach very small particles (1 microns to 2 microns), such small particles enable printing to achieve higher resolution and smoothness, sharpen the edges of the image, and form an extremely thin image layer. Electronic inks are now working in the following areas.

(1) Standard basic color CMYK;

(2) The wide-color gamut six-color setting adds orange, red and purple, making the color reproduction ability much higher than the original four-color based color reproduction ability;

(3) Indigo spot color system compatible with Pantone;

(4) Opaque white coating of colorless printing materials;

(5) Fluorescent ink. Indigo's color digital offset printing presses provide a unique combination of functions. The printing presses all use electronic inks (that is, Indigo's unique liquid inks).

Electronic inks generally have the following advantages:

(1) High brightness, high definition and durability. Manufacturers use the same ingredients as traditional inks, but only charged inks to make electronic inks. Therefore, electronic inks are similar to traditional inks printed on paper, but when matched with paper, the brightness and contrast are very high. And can have a 180-degree viewing angle.

(2) Low energy consumption. Once the white paint particles are driven to a state where an image has appeared, the image may disappear (because there is no additional energy support), but this did not exist for electronic ink.

(3) Strong printability. Electronic ink can be applied to almost all materials, it can be printed to textiles, paper, plastics and many other materials. We know that the LCD is displayed on glass, but it is heavy and fragile. The electronic ink can be displayed on the plastic surface, which makes it ultra-thin, flexible and not fragile. Electronic ink is an ink. If someone accidentally gets splashed by electronic ink when entering the laboratory, the person becomes a walking display.

Printing with electronic ink is very easy. For example: it can be used for web printing, it is estimated that it can also be used for glossy advertising paper and other large format labels in the near future. Today, electronic ink has begun to cooperate with other electronic devices. For example, e-ink recently announced that it will cooperate with IBM to jointly develop world-class svga-type electronic ink-type displays. It is estimated that electronic ink-type displays may be put on the market in the last one or two years. Allegedly, electronic ink will also cooperate with the emerging changes in the entire publishing industry in the field of printed electronics. Here, e-ink and lucenttechnologies have produced the world's first fully printed display. Their ultimate goal is to print on one piece of paper with ink on one side and electronic ink on the other.

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