Sulfur dioxide rapid detection kit instructions

Detection principle: Sulfur dioxide generated in sulfur fumigated food is a strong reducing agent, which can play the role of bleaching and preserving food, and can make the surface of the food appear bright and bright. Sulfur during the smoking process will generate sulfite, pyrosulfite, low sulfite, etc. at high temperatures. These salts also have good bleaching, antioxidant, anti-corrosion and other effects. However, sulfur dioxide and sulfite will destroy vitamin B1, affect growth and development, be prone to multiple neuritis, appear bone marrow atrophy and other symptoms, and have chronic toxicity. Long-term consumption will cause intestinal dysfunction, damage the liver, and seriously harm the human digestive system. Sulfite can also cause bronchospasm and asthma. CCTV once reported that "sulfite is still a lethal carcinogen." Therefore, strictly controlling the content of sulfur dioxide and sulfite in food is an important task to control table pollution and protect consumers' health rights. For more details, please see: http: //

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Paper Cutting Machine

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