Subvert inkjet printer functionality

If you ask what the printer can do? Many people may feel that this is a very food issue, but the answer may also make many people feel that they are cooking. Because now for the jet printing is not only the past, only the high-end products can only appear double-sided printing, booklet printing, multi-page composite printing, rotary printing, watermark printing and scaling and other functions have been gradually popular, is to print T-shirt, personalized glass , ID photo production, CD-ROM disk, card printing, direct-attached printing, wireless printing, etc. are also very common, even nail printing, potato chips printing, TV printing and other weird features of the product industry has also come out.
In addition, according to a report in the New Science magazine, American scientists are working hard to develop a desktop printer capable of printing three-dimensional organ tubular tissue. If possible, this printer can even print out the entire organ. Scientists hope to improve the current inkjet printer cartridges. So that it can create three-dimensional cell structure. Although there is still some distance to achieve this goal, many laboratories have now been able to print dna, protein, and even cell arrays. It seems that 3D holographic printing has become one of the development directions of jet printing in the future.
Of course, the change of function will naturally involve a morphological change. Therefore, the world of jet-blowing is no wonder. The printers that have become familiar with the eyes have become “unrecognized”. We do not know whether it is the jet printing that has changed our lives, or whether our needs have improved. The "variation" of the spray. In short, spray is gradually permeating our lives in various ways. Nothing can't be a printer, there's no function what the printer can't do, and the subversion of the jet-to-function or even its own definition has reached a jaw-dropping point!
Although digital is becoming standard, although we can't say that any jet printing that doesn't support photo printing will be eliminated, digital photo printing is definitely a time-to-day jet-watching skill. This has both the external causes of the constant decline in the price of radicals, and the intrinsic reasons for the rapid proliferation of digital cameras, dvs, and camera phones that continuously stimulate digital photo output demand. Although digital photo output is mentioned, we may think more about digital printing, but in fact digital printing is the love of digital enthusiasts. Compared with these professional digital prints, home digital photo printing has the advantages of more convenient personalities: it can print anytime, anywhere, but also personally design and experience the joy of personalized printing, and it also has privacy and reduces the leakage of privacy. And the danger of the right to be invaded.
Currently available digital printing products are more abundant, there are photo-sublimation printers that are good at printing documents and are portable, and there are photo-based all-in-ones that have super-integration of photo processing functions. However, for photo printing, it is only for inkjet printing. Is the most powerful device. Spraying is not only of superior quality, but also fashionable, portable, multi-energy products are more abundant, more worthy of our attention is that digital printing has become almost every standard with a photo print quality spray.
Specific performance to support the pictbridge protocol, built-in multi-function card reader, integrated color LCD display, and through the infrared interface or Bluetooth interface and digital cameras, mobile phones, pda and other devices to print wireless printing spray increased. In addition, some jets are equipped with completely independent data backup and external dvd/cd readers. Users can directly read data from the memory card, and can also directly store the retained photo data in the memory card. Cd-rw, dvd-rw and other mobile storage tools can be directly backed up without a computer.
If you look at the product from the point of view, any product on the market today that is more than six colors comes standard with a pictbridge interface or a multi-function card reader and other digital printing accessories, whether it is 200 yuan Lenovo 6110 level, or 5,000 yuan level Hp photosmart 8758.......
Wireless began to popularize wireless printing is another fashion, practical highlights after network printing, the common form is through the infrared interface or Bluetooth interface, users can read digital photos directly from mobile phones, pda, or other products that support the technology The source finishes printing. Among them, infrared technology is currently the most frequently used wireless printing technology for wireless printers. The advantage is that the cost is low, and the disadvantage is that the effective communication distance is short, and the docking device is required to be in a straight line and under normal circumstances cannot penetrate obstacles.
Compared to infrared transmission, there are currently fewer products that support Bluetooth technology, but they use a broadcast method. Users can put their phone or pda in their pockets while they are still connected. They can still communicate with the printer through the Bluetooth function. Data exchange. At the same time Bluetooth technology supports both point-to-point connections as well as point-to-multipoint connections. Therefore, multiple users can connect and print from different devices via Bluetooth wireless technology. Therefore, although the development time of Bluetooth technology is shorter, but due to its obvious advantages, the popularity is very fast. In particular, some portable products support the optional Bluetooth module.
In addition, the world’s first Centrino concept printer, the hp deskjet6848, is currently available. The machine relies on the built-in 802.11g technology (fully compatible with 802.11b devices) and can achieve high-speed transmission of up to 54m/sec. , Notebook, Pocket PC equipment to achieve wireless printing, completely get rid of the shackles of the connection.
It only takes 20 minutes to install hp 6848 on the network. In the windows xp operating system, the new wireless network key function of hp 6848 can be enabled, which not only avoids network conflicts, but also enhances the security of the network (USB flash drive is supported. Router, and usb flash drive).
In addition, the test showed that the deskjet 6848 did not affect the output speed because it was a wireless connection. It took less than 2 minutes and 49 seconds to complete the 15-page word document printing. The results are consistent with the use of USB connection, and printing a picture containing more The same is true for the five-page word document, which has completely entered the practical stage. And the price of the industry is not very expensive, HP deskjet 6848 reference price of 2,000 yuan, HP photosmart 8750 reference price of 4,000 yuan.

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