SS- DM two-color plastic film blowing machine series

The SS-DM plastic film blow molding machine was introduced with Japanese technology and developed in combination with China's national conditions. It is mainly used to produce black-and-white (or silver-white) two-color plastic film and agricultural film, which solves the problem of the easy mixing of products in various units. Color is unclear, uneven thickness, easy to tear and other difficult problems. After partial modification of the die, double-layer film production is also possible.

After several improvements, the product is designed with reasonable structure, compact structure and convenient operation. Especially after the main motor is changed frequency and the unit is reconfigured, the efficiency is improved and the energy consumption is reduced. The overall performance is more advanced and reasonable. Can also be based on user requirements, full frequency conversion and a variety of special configurations.

Reprinted from: Foreign Plastics

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Induction Base

Induction Base

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