Smooth and smooth 5 eyeliner hold the perfect eyeliner

A good eyeliner makeup must be smooth and smooth, not smudged, not faded and easy to unload. But in the face of many product choices on the market, how to choose? Let's take a look at the recommendations after editing the trial.

Perfect eyeliner

Smooth coloring, not blooming, recommended with eyeliner

Because the eyeliner is easy to operate and not easy to make mistakes, it is very popular among sisters. It should be noted that in the daily selection of the eyeliner, in addition to the color, it is also necessary to look at the soft and hard of the refill, the refill is soft and colored but it is easy to smudge, the refill has a high durability but has contact with the eyes. A sense of excitement. So you have to try it yourself when you buy. Today, let the editor recommend 5 easy-to-use eyeliner pens. When you smooth the color, you can also make the eyeliner last longer. The oil eyelid MM may also try it.


Benefit bad girl waterproof eyeliner

BenefitBADgallinerwaterproof Bad Girl Waterproof Eyeliner ¥230/1.2g

Recommended reason: This type of eyeliner has good color rendering, dark black, smooth lines, a small amount of faded color after use, and basically can clearly see the eyeliner marks, and the waterproof performance is good. After two hours, the eyeliner was basically not smudged, the lines remained good, the eyes were clean, and there was no "panda" condition. In general, it is slightly inferior in water repellency and performs well in other aspects.

M.A.C charm waterproof eyeliner

MAC charm waterproof eyeliner

MAC charm waterproof eyeliner ¥150/1.2g

Recommended reason: This type of eyeliner has a long-lasting effect, high color rendering, consistent lines, not too thick or too thin, and the eyeliner drawn is also moderate. The line is not broken after one stroke, and the effect is from the real person. Two hours later, only a small amount of color faded, and the continuous eyeliner color was clearly seen. The eye makeup was basically no halo, and the eyelid wrinkles did not show obvious eyeliner color, and the eye area was also relatively clean.

AnnaSui Magic Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner

AnnaSui Magic Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner

AnnaSui magic colorful waterproof eyeliner ¥142/1.5g

Recommended reason: This eyeliner is not smudged, does not decolorize, is applied to the hand, the color is high, the lines are consistent, and the line is not broken after one stroke. After wiping it 5 times with water, only a small part is faded. Moreover, it can also see continuous color traces and is waterproof.


ShuUemura hand-painted eyeliner waterproof

ShuUemura hand-painted eyeliner waterproof version ¥200/1.2g

Recommended reason: This eyeliner has high color rendering and smooth lines. The ShuUemura hand-painted eyeliner is applied to the hand. After drying it for 5 times with water, the color is basically not faded, it is very complete, and the waterproof performance is excellent. Advanced eye and lip makeup remover is required for makeup removal. After using the ShuUemura hand-painted eyeliner for waterproofing for 2 hours, the eyeliner was completely smudge-free, still maintaining a clear line and the eyes were clean.


Mary é»› ä½³ cool black quick-drying eyeliner pen

Mary 黛佳酷黑速干眼线笔笔¥68/0.6ml

Recommended reason: This Mary's cool black quick-drying eyeliner pen is elegant and noble, with a sharp tip and no fork, easy to get started. No matter in skin color or white paper color, you can see that the font is smooth and smooth, and the color is high. It is worth mentioning that the quick-drying is very good, there is no need to worry about makeup due to blinking, and it is completely smudged, and it has excellent anti-water and oil resistance. In addition, this eyeliner can be completely removed with water, no fear at all. Use makeup remover to irritate your eyes.

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