Small package throwing machine feeding mechanism

Patent Name Small Package Throwing Machine Feeding Organization Patent Applicant Liu Qingyi Principal Applicant Address Taiwan Changhua County Inventor Liu Qingyu Application (Patent) No. 200420104936.0 Application Date 2004.10.29 Certification Date Approval Announcement No. 2741877 Approved Announcement Date 2005.11 .23 Manual CD-ROM D0547 Main Classification Number B65B35/10 Classification Number B65B35/10 Sub-item Original Application Priority Item Abstract A feeding mechanism for a small package throwing machine is an automatic deoxidizer, desiccant, seasoning package. The small package is put into the feeding mechanism in the automatic packaging machine, including a conveyor device below the discharging track, a slanted feeding track connected to one end of the conveyor device, and a gate device located in the lower half of the feeding track. The conveyor belt device is driven by a stepping motor to drive a horizontally arranged conveyor belt to rotate. The stepping motor can rotate intermittently to drive the conveyor belt to move intermittently, and the small package (such as a deoxidizer package) is one by one. Feed forward, fall into the feeding track, stop at the gate of the gate device, and then open the gate to make the small package Throw into the interior of the automatic packaging machine. Sovereignty item 1. A small package throwing machine feeding mechanism, characterized in that it comprises: a tilted feeding track, a gate device is arranged in the lower half of the feeding track, and the gate device is provided with a longitudinally arranged pressure cylinder. The pressure cylinder extends axially downwards and a gate is assembled at the bottom end; a conveyor belt device is connected above the upper end of the feeding track, and the conveyor belt device is provided with a horizontal circulating rotating conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt is driven by a stepping motor. drive. International Application International Publication Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Organizational Patent and Trademark Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Zhou Changxing

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