Simple Packaging: Connotation and Value (in Chinese)

For the understanding of packaging, we must use the perspective of dialectical unity and development. While seeing its own positive role, we should further deepen its influence on society and the environment, expand its service function, and maximize To reduce the unfavorable factors that the packaging itself has, it is even more important to reduce and overcome man-made adverse factors.

For the United States: the packaging design of goods is the crystallization of decorative arts. Exquisite and elegant packaging can stimulate high-level social needs of consumers. The packaging with deep artistic appeal is a kind of enjoyment for the purchaser. It is to promote potential consumers to become apparent consumers and become long-lasting types. The driving force of customary consumers. It is true that consumers buy goods not only based on packaging, packaging is only subordinate to goods, and the quality, price, and popularity of the goods are the main factors for consumer balance, but the “halo effect” of packaging can put consumers on packaging. The good feelings are transferred to the merchandise to achieve the purpose of promotion. The cartons of the "Snow Lotus" cashmere sweater are packaged in a soft, light green color with a white snow lotus pattern protruding from the box. It is exceptionally attractive and attractive. "Western Han Dynasty Ancient Wine" outside the bottle with a red background with an antique black pattern of the brand, the box with the background of the subtilis on the four vigorous, dignified black seal "Western Han ancient wine", like an old man telling The long story, in a row of colorful bottles, its unique style is very eye-catching. The packaging of “Wuliangye” breaks the traditional rectangle in shape design, adopts a square cut-off method, and turns the entire quadrilateral into a pentagon. This kind of innovation is not pure pursuit of alternatives, and its design form is not cumbersome. It is a simple, generous and innovative form that brings people a feeling of “simple, but not monotonous, plain and not rigid”, and at the same time injects new blood into the prestigious brand “Wuliangye”. Not only does it break the tradition in product positioning, but it also differentiates the previous stereotypes in product packaging, making consumers feel completely refreshed. The changes in the packaging materials also caused people's attention. The porcelain gifts exported from Shandong were ingeniously packed in hand-carryed boxes using corn bran. They not only made full use of surplus labor in rural areas, but also transformed local large-scale cheap materials into folk features. The elegantly crafted packaging is more artistic than ordinary carton packaging. Sichuan's famous "Wrapping Silk Rabbit" food was originally packaged in a red rectangular carton. Now it is made of delicate bamboo ray pieces and made into exquisite cylindrical containers. It is uniquely beautiful and forms an unforgettable impression.

This is the simple beauty of commodity packaging. In a huge city, mixed business is flooded into every corner. Any object is covered with colorful packaging. Cement buildings cover the sun. The streets are covered with noisy buildings. These forces the urban people to shun. The simple design creates a psychological sanctuary for urban dwellers: simple and smooth lines, elegant colors, comfortable and stylish styling, the application of natural materials – refreshing and concise, so that annoying souls are instantly purified by art, and cited To ethereal. Not too much, not too expensive, easy to own, and easy to enjoy, making life magnanimous, warm and romantic.

It should be noted that people's demand for beauty is also continuously improved with the progress of life and the development of the times. Different eras have different peculiar aesthetic characteristics. In the design of packaging, we must consider the aesthetic requirements of modern people, emphasizing simple, fresh, emphasizing health, upward, positive and enterprising, with the spirit of the era of beauty, in line with modern new design concepts and design ideas. Returning to nature, paying attention to green environmental protection is precisely the new aesthetic needs of the modern people. They are tired of deliberately sculpting, laying too many complicated and disorderly, emphasizing humanistic designs, pursuing simple design styles, and paying attention to cultural and national performance. Give more international and durable packaging.

Innovation: modern packaging as a new multidisciplinary comprehensive professional, involving natural sciences and social sciences, the development of disciplines and market changes constantly changing the packaging requirements, prompting the packaging discipline and technology must be synchronized, such as materials science The development provides more and more choices of packaging materials; the development of computer technology, the increasing degree of automation of packaging machinery; the development of printing technology, packaging and decoration more and more beautiful and so on. Simple packaging is a process of continuous innovation with high technology.

New packaging materials. Packaging material is the basis of packaging design, its basic performance is protection, security, processing adaptability, convenience, commercial, economical and recyclable. With the development of science and technology, various new materials have been born and used, and packaging is the fastest and fastest industry that uses new materials. From natural to synthetic, from single to composite, the mutual penetration of materials has become a development trend and inevitable. The emergence of a new material will make a packaging form with a distinct era mark, which represents a new era of cultural information. The development of new materials not only has high scientific and technological content and more scientific and reasonable, safe and reliable performance, but also pursues the exquisiteness, smoothness, flexibility, richness of features and texture of materials, and fully considers factors such as environmental protection and reuse. Some materials can imitate the characteristics of natural materials, and can replace the role of traditional materials to achieve the best effect of packaging. If you have recycled paper, it has a simple texture. If you can skillfully use it, it will be environmentally friendly and will bring unexpected results.

New packaging production process. Modern high-tech achievements have continuously promoted the development of packaging technology. The new process flow, high-intelligence production facilities, and automation and computer-integrated applications provide a wider space for packaging. From packaging mold molding technology to modern new printing and plate making technologies, it provides perfect guarantees for all aspects of packaging production. For example, advanced technology such as flat-printing screen printing, luminous embossing, UV paste table polishing, bright surface three-dimensional glazing, luminous ink printing, and cloth-grained yarn polishing, make packaging more beautiful and beautiful, and also make packaging more exquisite. Meticulous, good-looking.

New design means. The advent of computer-aided design and the use of various design software have provided a new design language for today's packaging design, giving designers a broader design space. Computer-aided design has high-precision, high-efficiency, and colorful performance that are incomparable with traditional designs, enabling designers to get rid of a lot of boring and heavy production and modification work, shortening the distance between ideas and works, and further improving the design. Expressiveness and work efficiency.

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