Shoe cabinet maintenance method

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of living standards, the shoe cabinet has gradually become a must-have item in the home. Now the design of the shoe cabinet is more and more complicated, and the good maintenance method can make the shoe cabinet clean. At the same time extend the use time of the shoe cabinet, now let's take a look at the maintenance method of the shoe cabinet:


First: Use a special cleaner to clean the stains on the mirror or glass surface of the shoe.

Second: use a clean soft cloth, often wipe the surface of the shoe cabinet dust, avoid using ordinary water, wet cloth, hard cloth to wipe the surface, mirror and glass. Avoid contact with acids, bases, and oils. When conditions permit, use high-purity industrial alcohol to wipe the board surface.

Third: It is not possible to hit the surface of the shoe cabinet with a hard object such as a hammer, and it is even more difficult to use a knife to cut and cut on the board surface. If it is found that the panel has a partial slit, it should be repaired in time. Otherwise, the crack will open up and even appear curved for a long time, resulting in complete damage.

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