Seven days of whitening Raiders turned into Prince Charming

The hearts of men who love beauty are not worse than girls. Girls are busy with a series of skin care tasks such as whitening, hydrating and moisturizing. So it's time for men to get a good skin care. Who said that men should be dark, black and healthy, that can only say that you have not seen the charm of his white time. Today Xiaobian brings you a seven-day men's whitening strategy , and men's skin care will make you change in a week.

Seven days of whitening Raiders turned into Prince Charming

Deep cleaning on Monday

People often call Monday "Black Monday", which is because after two days of rest and relaxation on the weekend, they began to return to work.

1. On Mondays, when you get up in the morning and go home from work in the evening, remember to wash your face well, because washing your face is the first and most important step in our beauty process.

2, men when cleaning the face, you can choose to use some of the more refreshing and non-greasy facial cleanser, so that you can thoroughly clean the dirt on your face.

3, you can also use hot water steam to fumigate the face, first need to prepare a basin of hot water, then dip the towel into the hot water for a while, pick up the twisted, apply to the face.

Go to dark circles on Tuesday

It is easy to produce dark circles on Tuesday. To remove dark circles , you can use frozen milk, pour it on gauze, and then apply it for about 10 minutes. Apply it after 15 minutes. This will eliminate eye strain and Reduce eye wrinkles.

Keep your skin moisturized on Wednesday

For Wednesday, the most important task is to keep the skin moist, because it is very necessary for the skin, then we can make a bitter gourd mask, after 15 minutes of refrigerating, bitter gourd is sliced ​​and applied to the face. After 15 minutes, it can be cleaned, which can whiten and moisturize.

Thursday's key to whitening

In today's society, it is still "small white face" that is more fragrant. All need to deal with whitening problems on Thursday. After washing your face with warm water, men must insist on using various whitening masks, or they can be homemade, but also A proper amount of rubbing essence.

1. Tofu and honey mask are very good for whitening.

2, first a piece of tofu chopped, then use gauze to filter dry water, 15g flour and 5g honey, stir evenly, apply to the face, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash.

3, this can make men's skin white and transparent.

Friday's best skin care time

For skin care, Friday is the best skin care time. Xiaobian recommends that men can make almond and egg white masks.

1. Boil the soft almonds with boiling water, then peel off the skin, knead the mud, and mix well with Danqing.

2. Apply the mask to your face, rinse off with warm water, once a week.

3, this can restore the dull skin of men's skin, and can make the skin moist, delicate, reduce wrinkles.

Stay awake on Saturday

Saturday is the first day of rest. If you don't need to work overtime, you can do some normal maintenance, but the most important thing is to keep enough sleep.

Add water on Sunday

On Sundays, most men will go out to find friends to chat, or do something. At this time, it is best to prepare a wet towel, which can rub the face at any time to calm the skin and eliminate the effects of tiredness and dark circles. When you get home, you can do a facial massage to replenish the lost moisture and keep your skin refreshed and cool. >>>Five skin care tips to teach you how men are resistant to ageing

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