Second World Recession Painted Aircraft "World Leisure Sports Conference"

Second World Recession Painted Aircraft "World Leisure Sports Conference"
Date:2015-08-07 23:25

Yesterday morning, the Second World Leisure Sports Congress Painted Aircraft World Leisure Sports Congress held its first voyage ceremony at Jinan Airport. The deputy mayor of Qingdao Lacey Municipal Government, executive deputy director of Laixi City 2015 World Leisure Sports Conference Organizing Committee Ji Yushui, and deputy general manager of Shandong Airlines Co., Ltd. Xu Guojian attended the first voyage ceremony.

The World Leisure Sports Conference is Shanhang, which is a Boeing 737-800 aircraft printed by the global partner of the 2nd World Leisure Sports Congress. The inkjet pattern includes the image of the World Leisure Sports Congress emblem and the mascot Lego Ximei. The aircraft has a novel design and displays its atmosphere. This is not only a full-body painted airplane of the Shandong Airlines, but also a unique air image ambassador for the World Leisure Sports Convention.

The World Leisure Sport Conference will be launched on the first flight of international and regional airlines such as Jinan Taipei. It will make full use of air superiority and increase efforts to promote the 2015 World Leisure Sports Conference in Qingdao and the overall image of Shandong. Wherever Shan Airlines flies, it is necessary to Where does the spirit of Qingdao Lacey come from, where does Shandong's spirit come from and where does the concept of leisure sports meet take place?

It is reported that in addition to the painted aircraft, SDA will also provide ticketing services for participants, and promote the promotion of Qingdao 2015 World Leisure Sports Conference through video advertisements and brochures on all flights.

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