Screen Printing Tunnel Dryer Conveyor Dryer

  • Model NO.: SuperImage SP-D002#
  • Style: Screen Printer′s Tunnel Dryer
  • Color & Page: Multi-Colour Printing Press
  • Print Interface: Use Matching with Screen Printer
  • Trademark: SuperImage
  • Specification: 1Set/Case
  • HS Code:
  • Type: Rotary Screen Printing Machine
  • Structure: Rotary Printing Press
  • Application: Packaging Printing
  • System Supported: Windowsxp64
  • Transport Package: 1set/Case;
  • Origin: Made in China
SuperImage Screen Printer's Tunnel Dryer
SuperImage Screen printing machine conveyor dryer
Tunnel/Conveyor Type

Top Quality & Stability & Excellent Warranty

This machine can be used in all kinds of overprint printing, especially the T-shirt screen printing. The bedplate is designed as a special desk for T-shirt, which is more convenient and more accurate for the screen printing t-shirt.The machine can also be used for garments, woven fabrics, pieces, bags, umbrellas, metal, paper, plastic, copybook, circuit, wood, glass, ceramic tiles and various planar screen printing products such as leather shrinkage deformation of large articles of multicolor overprint accuracy. The use of thermosetting ink, mucilage, and other materials printing.The front and back sides of the worktable can be moved, and the screen can be adjusted in front, left and right, rotating and fine-tuning, and the front end of the screen can be adjusted up and down. Orientation Chromatography is convenient and accurate. It can be widely used in silk screen printing of cloth, clothing, T-shirt and textile.

Make the drying function after screen printing for textile fabrice.

Scope of application: all screen printing fields in textile.

Main Features:

1. adopting new synchronous servo system, transmission speed and better stability.

2. the table automatically rotate each station positioning accuracy (± 0.05mm).

3. big dryer area.

4. even rotating speed.

5. easy to maintain, easy to operate.

6. the design of the whole machine is reasonable, simple and practical.

7. the whole machine adopts simple design, saving space, more convenient handling and migration;

8. adjustable temperature control exactly.

9. the machine adopts all metal structure, the body adopts advanced electrostatic spraying, the appearance is elegant, clean and convenient. The main installation parts are stainless steel materials.
Screen Printing Tunnel Dryer Conveyor Dryer

Screen Printing Tunnel Dryer Conveyor Dryer
Screen Printing Tunnel Dryer Conveyor Dryer

Screen Printing Tunnel Dryer Conveyor Dryer

 Basic Data and Specification:
Dryer surface: 1sq.meter
Rotating Speed: 0-10r/min
Working power: 6000W
Machine size: 1100*600*750m
Machine weight: 85kg
Working voltage: 220v/380v
Max.loading weight: 30kg
Temperature control: RT-250Celsuis Degrees
Effect temperature area: 800*400*200mm
Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our screen printers' tunnel dryer products.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior products quality, SuperImage will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.

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