Scientists have developed a new sensing chip

The United States "Science" magazine published an important research result jointly completed by the Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and Systems of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Wang Zhonglin research group of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Scientists invented a transistor with a brand-new structure based on the piezoelectric electronics effect they discovered in 2006, and for the first time developed a large-scale three-dimensional piezoelectric electronic transistor array composed of soft, transparent and active adaptive pressure Sensor imaging chip.

The successful development of this chip is a milestone in the development of nanotechnology from a single device to an array device. The invention of this new type of transistor is expected to promote a revolutionary leap in traditional electronic technology; this type of chip has the function of active response and interaction with external forces of the environment. Self-driving systems and human-computer interaction systems are expected to form a wide range of applications in health monitoring, environmental monitoring, new energy development and utilization, the Internet of Things, and other information technology fields.

It is reported that the corresponding author Wang Zhonglin is the chief scientist of the Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and Systems, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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