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Two tips

Tip 1: Install an exhaust pipe

In 1997, the factory purchased a Komori offset press that uses pneumatic transmission. Every day after work, air is discharged from the air compressor. Due to the environmental and humidity of the workshop environment, a lot of waste water is discharged from the air compressor. After a long time of use, the ground will leave a water mark and it will not be easy to clean. Work environment, ground appearance.

The author was inspired by the decompression exhaust pipe for household electric water heaters. A plastic pipe with a diameter of 10 mm was connected to the exhaust port of the air compressor. One end was connected to the air compressor air discharge pipe, and the other end was inserted into a water outlet (water tank drain This will not only facilitate the discharge of waste water, but also reduce the pollution of the waste water to the ground. This method also applies to other offset presses.

Tip two: small offset press with modified

In 2002, the factory borrowed a Japanese-made AR-010 small offset press from the Bank of China Card Factory. When borrowed, the machine has a long service life, and the feeding belt is smooth and sticky. Every time printing is deviated from the positioning wheel, one of the four feeding belts has been broken and cannot be used. There are no results from contacting the manufacturer many times. Because the problem of the paper conveying belt may cause the production to stop, the author found the offset roller lining cloth used in the offset printing machine, docked the interface with the sewing machine, and made the interface follow the paper feeding direction. After loading, the paper positioning effect is very good and solves a major problem in the work.

(Beijing Banknote Printing Factory Song Zhigang)

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