Pre-press platemaking process related terms (8)

Color reproduction colorrendition

The relationship between tone reproduction between original color and reproduction color.

Chromatography coloratlas

With the standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks, the sum of the color patches of various colors is superimposed at different dot percentages.

Color code colorpatch

The standard of the basic color and the mixed color represented by the ground or mesh toning block can also be used as a mark of each color separation plate when printing.

Control strip controlstrip

The soft strips consist of web sites, fields, lines, etc. to judge and control the transfer of information during copying, printing, proofing, and printing.

Transmission transmission

Transmittance of the object, the radiant power transmitted by the object divided by the total radiated power incident on the object, also known as the transmittance (equal to the inverse of the opacity).

Opacity opacity

The opacity of the object, opacity, is expressed as the ratio of the incident radiant power to the radiated power passed through (equivalent to the reciprocal of transparency).

Color management colormanage

The uniform color calibration process throughout the process includes color correction, scaling, and conversion.

Color management system colormanagementsystem (CMS)

Solve inconsistent systems between input and output devices.

Direct screening

The plate-making process of screen-adding at the same time of color separation through a contact screen or a glass screen.

Screening screening

In the copying technique, a process of decomposing a continuous tone original or a color separation sheet into printable pixels (mesh dots, net points) through a screen.


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