Pre-press plate making process related terms (9)

Contact Screen Contact Screen

Manuscript or continuous color separation film and contact screen, photosensitive film close exposure screening process.

Electronic screening

The process of screening the manuscript by a dot generator on an electronic color separation machine is also referred to as laser screening when electronically screening with a laser beam.

To net descreening

The process of restoring the dot image to a continuous tone image.

Screen screen

Decompose continuous tone images into screenable copyable pixels (webs, cells).

Contact screen

A film screen in close contact with a photosensitive material during screening.

Dot halftone dot/screen dot

The pixels that make up the dot image reproduce the original shading effect by changing the area or amount of ink.

Dot shape screen dot shape

The geometric shapes of the dots are square, round, chain, line, and so on.

Screen angle screen angle

The angle between the centerline of the outlet and the horizontal line.

Pixel picturee lement

The basic unit that constitutes an image, through the decomposition of the image, reproduces the continuous effect of the contrast between this image unit and the space.

Dot positive positive halftone positive

The shades of the positive image of the screen image are represented by dot size.


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