Pre-long-distance running diet supplements 200-300 calories to maintain physical fitness

For runners who are used to sprinting, if they start to try a long-distance race such as a marathon, the first problem they face is how to replenish energy. After all, long-distance running requires more energy. What food should I eat before long-distance running to effectively replenish energy? 1503.jpg

American sports science expert Susie Paul said that it is very correct to eat some food before long-distance running, especially when it takes more than 2 hours to run. For marathons, it is very important to supplement your nutrition before and during your run. Only in this way can you perform your best.

Digestion during running is difficult because the body needs to divert blood flow from the internal organs to the muscles to meet the running needs. This means that blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract is reduced during exercise. The flow of blood that flows out of the viscera is usually related to exercise intensity. In addition, the longer the running distance, the more times these organs receive a small amount of blood flow, which leads to an increase in the glycemic index.

There are two very important benefits to replenishing energy before a long run. One is to supplement blood sugar. Because of the rest of the night, the food in the stomach is basically digested, and the body needs energy. It's like refueling a car. Although the oil hasn't run out yet, it has to be full to run longer.

Another benefit is that the pre-run diet helps the glycemic index system function properly during running. After the food is added to the stomach, the blood flow will increase, thus ensuring the normal operation of the stomach and glycemic index system, and contributing to the subsequent running.

Susie Paul said that the calorie diet before long-distance running should contain 200-300 calories. Add 200 calories at the beginning and then gradually increase. The most important thing in the diet is to include carbohydrates and protein. The ratio of the two is most suitable at 3:1.

In addition, the diet time is also stressful. It is best to eat within 1-2 hours before running. Low-fat and low-fiber foods are the best choice for most runners, but runners should try different foods to find the one that suits them best. The ultimate goal is to adjust the status to the best through the nutrition program on the day of the game.

In terms of food choices, it is best to be familiar with them and easy to digest. Like bananas, rice, applesauce, butter-free toast, bagels, etc., it is suitable for most runners. You can also add some cereals and eat them with milk or low-fat cheese. Buckwheat, sweet potatoes or energy bars are also good choices.

In short, in the daily long-distance running training, it is necessary to develop the habit of replenishing energy before running, find the most suitable diet for yourself, and lay the foundation for the final score of the game.



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