Platycladus cultivation technique

Platycladus orientalis is one of the most widely used garden trees in China. Since ancient times, it has been planted in temples, mausoleums and other places. In addition, since the arborvitae has a long life and a beautiful tree, it is cultivated everywhere. It is often used for scattered plants in the courtyard, planted in groups or planted around buildings. Because of the pruning resistance, it can also be used for hedge cultivation.

Seed collection: Choose 20---30 years old or more healthy mother tree seed collection. The seeds mature from 9 to 10 months, and the seeding rate is about 10%. About 45,000 tablets per kilogram.

Seedling: Sowing from mid-September to mid-October. Soak seeds in warm water for 12 hours before planting, put them in the basket, put the wind back to the sun, wash the water once a day and often flip, when half of the split mouth can be planted. Use strip or spread, 10 kg per mu. Keep the seedbed moist after sowing, and combine with irrigation to carry out top dressing.

Afforestation: Planting and afforestation, using fish scale pits, narrow terraces, horizontal steps, horizontal ditch and other land preparation. It can be planted in spring, autumn and rain, and afforestation in the rainy season is easier to survive. It is advisable to create a mixed forest, which can be mixed with eucalyptus, acer palmatum, berberine, and skunk. It can also be mixed with Astragalus and Amorpha fruticosa.

Management: Weeding and weeding 1---3 times a year for 2 to 4 years after afforestation to promote growth.

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