Plastic packaging recycling

Due to its light weight, high strength, convenience, and low cost, plastic packaging has been rapidly developed and widely used in the field of packaging materials since the 1970s, greatly facilitating people's lives. However, because most plastic packaging materials are difficult to degrade naturally, their packaging waste will form permanent waste and cause environmental pollution. Therefore, in the use and design of plastic packaging materials, should fully consider the plastic packaging materials, degradability, recovery possibilities and recycling methods, the government should also take measures to promote the development of biodegradable plastics to promote the development of recycling economy.

According to the latest statistics provided by the National Bureau of Statistics and the China Federation of Light Industry, in 2005 China's plastics industry achieved overall growth in its main economic indicators, with an increase of more than 25%, and the total industrial output value reached 501.1 billion yuan. Industry analysts have analyzed that despite the fact that prices of plastic raw materials remained at a high level in 2005, strong market demand, as well as increased exports, new application areas, and the growth of high value-added products, still contributed to the overall growth of the industry's economic indicators. At present, packaging has become the largest user of plastics, with an annual consumption of more than 6 million tons.

However, exquisite plastic packaging tends to become waste instead of waste. With the rapid growth of plastic packaging, the environmental problems brought about by it are becoming increasingly serious. In particular, waste of disposable plastic packaging materials is large, scattered, and messy, making it difficult to collect. Some of these rubbish were discarded and scattered on the ground, polluting the city appearance and environmental landscape, and adversely affecting economic development and ecological environment.

In order to solve this problem, the government, enterprises and scientific and technical workers have done a lot of work. Advocates the use of less, restricted, prohibited; advocated and formulated local laws and regulations, the mandatory implementation of degradable plastic; there are also proposals to use economic means (taxation, fees) to guide consumption. However, unfortunately, many measures have had little effect. Restrictions and bans have made ordinary people feel inconvenience, and fees have increased the burden on the people.

Facts have proved that the modern society can not do without plastics. It is not as good as diverting, and with the material with better performance and price ratio, it can develop biodegradable plastics with technologies and methods more consistent with the characteristics of the times, and increase the recycling of plastic waste. It is a solution to the problem of `white pollution`. The author believes that the current recycling of plastic packaging materials waste should adopt multi-channel, multi-channel methods, according to the benefits of the sustainable development of the ecological environment to sort them, first is the recycling, followed by recycling and regeneration or incineration to obtain energy The third is landfilling, and the fourth is biodegradable material replacement.

Recycling is mainly applied to containers used for transport packaging such as pallets, turnover containers, large packaging boxes, and plastic buckets. For easy-to-recycle plastic packaging, physical and chemical modifications can be used to regenerate, allowing limited materials to be recycled. And those disposable plastic packaging containers that are difficult to recycle will be a good choice for incineration, landfill or replacement with biodegradable materials. Although it is difficult to point out which method is best, it should be emphasized which method is more suitable. According to the actual situation in various areas and in various fields, it is the best choice to choose the right one.

Source: China Recycled Plastic Granules

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