Pear Maturity Sensor

As far as consumers are concerned, judging the maturity of pears has always been a problem. “Because most common pear varieties do not become discolored even if they have reached the maturity level, customers who buy pears always rely on hand-pressed contact tests when they buy in the supermarket. They are judged by personal sensory experience, and production managers are also The same method is needed to spend the same amount of time replacing mature pears that are mixed in a large number of inventory,” said Mr. K. Moffit, manager of PearBureau Northwest.

In 2004, New Zealand's Pro-gressive Enterprises Supermarket first introduced the new pear packaging from the Ripe SenceTM brand. Consumers can visually observe the maturity of pears in packaging. It is a hanging-wheel container. The Ripe Sense tag was developed by Jenkins Group and Hort Re-search in 7 years and is now being put into practical use by New Zealand's RipeSense. This is one of smart packaging products that determines maturity by detecting the natural aroma components that ripen fruit fruits. A spokesman for Ripe Sense pointed out that “Special hanging wheel containers react chemically after capturing aromatic flavors, and the reaction products change the color of the label. This color change reaction indicates the maturity of the fruit. The label indicates the hard fruit of the fruit in red. The degree of immaturity turns from red to yellow when the fruit is fully ripe and sweetly in its highest state of maturity."

Ripe Sense's Pear Pack is a polyester (PET) container that can hold up to four fruits and can be used to reclaim multiple-use hanging wheel containers. Four partitions of pear shape are made when the container is formed. The PET container is affixed with a "foot" that can easily and smoothly stand and display the support frame, and can be displayed at an angle of 35 degrees. In addition, the package also has ventilation holes for the escape of excess carbon dioxide (CO2) and moisture.

Reprinted from: China Food News

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Doll's Clothes

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