Paint-free board to make a wardrobe?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] As a locker with personal items, the wardrobe must be cautious in purchasing materials. I hope that both the appearance and the environmental protection, then the paint-free board to make the wardrobe is good? Here are some small series to answer this question for everyone.

Paint free wardrobe

Paint-free wardrobe renderings

The paint-free board is currently a relatively environmentally friendly material for making furniture and wardrobes.

The common material in the building materials market is mainly to paste the tri-hydrogen ammonia finish on the Malacca blockboard. The paint-free board breaks through the previous melamine paint-free board. The free formaldehyde is high on the MDF and particleboard, and it is easy to foam and divide. The shortcomings such as layer, blasting, poor moisture resistance and poor nail holding ability overcome the odor of the surface of the baking plaque which is easy to cause scratches and harm to the human body. The eco-board has many colors and is free of paint, abrasion, high temperature, corrosion resistance, and the surface does not change color. It has many excellent properties that cannot be combined with natural wood.

First, the paint-free board is made of wardrobes?

The main source of contamination for common boards comes from the glue used in the processing of glue and sheet. The advantage of the paint-free board relative to other sheets is that it is free of paint and eliminates the pollution of benzene, paint and the like. Therefore, the environmentally-friendly paint-free board should choose the ecologically-friendly brand-free paint-free board. The melamine itself is very toxic and stable, and will not be free from toxicity after curing. Whether the melamine board for making furniture is polluted by air depends on the medium-density board or particleboard substrate used in the melamine board. If the formaldehyde emission of the substrate reaches the environmental standard, melamine will not aggravate the material pollution, and the melamine sheet has no odor. Odors are produced by medium-density boards of lower quality, binders or additives containing formaldehyde.

Second, the advantages of the paint-free board to do the wardrobe

1, the use of installation is more convenient, direct paving can be; save labor and save time.

2. The paint-free board has the advantages of washing resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and non-stick dust.

3, the production of paint-free panels is low, small and inexpensive, both elegant and affordable.

4. The paint-free board is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly, and is an ideal building material.

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