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After working in a direct unit in the city, the small business is a typical "80". Recently, she is preparing to marry her boyfriend. At present, the renovation of the new home has become their main event. For more information, please stay tuned to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

Although the decoration has not yet begun, there is probably a map in her mind, which is based on simplicity and comfort, and at the same time reflects her own personality. I hope to fully reflect my preferences in the design of the house.
After the 80s, he paid attention to the introduction of the industry in the provincial capital. The young people who are mainly after the 80s gradually entered the career rise period and became the main force of decoration consumption. The consumption concept of the home improvement market also changed quietly. The industry believes that the consumption habits and aesthetics of young people are very different from those of the older generation. From the pre-renovation design to the choice of home improvement companies, to the selection of main materials, home accessories, and finally the renovation, they all have their own unique ideas and Steps, it can be said that the post-80s home improvement consumption concept has affected the future development direction of the home industry. “You can use this.” Shi Jianming, a designer of Longfa Decoration Shijiazhuang Branch, said, “The above shows that they very much hope that their home design can incorporate more of their own, and for new and fashionable design ideas, they More willing to accept than other ages. If good communication can be formed, it should be able to achieve very good cooperation. Good communication with the designer, this is a very necessary premise for the post-80s customers. The premise, the designer can combine the personality and practical design of the customer, for example, on a small balcony that can be used as a viewing platform, make a hidden bookcase, both personalized and practical. Can be used prominently Practical individualism occupies the heart of the customer and is the key to the decoration company's winning customers after the 80s."
Many interviewees said that the house decoration will be personally involved and not outsourced.
Online drying home into fashion "put the photos of your new home online!" Nowadays, there are more and more people who have such ideas, and there are some ideas of "sun happiness" in addition to the decoration experience. The netizen picture, turned down one page at a time, has its own personal experience to tell everyone how to reduce the cost of decoration, but also how to prevent the decoration trap, to play a small reference for the decoration of future generations, this is also a lot of netizens like A main purpose of "sun drying".
Many "sun-like people" also like to compare the real-life maps before and after the renovation. The 28-year-old Xiao Chen re-decorated the old house near the city government last year and then "decorated" the decoration photos online. Each time a photo of a new home is refurbished, a photo of the pre-renovation is attached. The contrast between the new and the old is visually impactful. Xiao Chen said, "The time during the renovation period saw a netizen's own decoration record on the Internet. From tiles, bathrooms, floors, electrical appliances to audio and faucets, every cost is clearly recorded, so in the future, The cost of decoration needs to be bottomed. There are still a lot of netizens who are renovating behind the post, and even the comparison of the decorative materials of Shijiazhuang's major decorative markets. I was greatly benefited from the renovation."
The decoration is not a big deal. It is understood that the proportion of new or second-hand housing renovations after the “80s” has accounted for 50% to 60% of all renovations. Relevant surveys also show that more than half of the 80-seat new homes are under 100 square meters. "It can be said that the '80s' this decoration group has become a group that has sprung up in the home improvement market." Industry insiders said. In terms of renovation costs, it is not the outside world's consistent evaluation of the post-80s. On the contrary, most of them will find affordable purchases such as promotions and group purchases through various channels such as the Internet. Most of the respondents' renovation budget is also below 100,000 yuan.
Online shopping home into the mainstream Now, more and more 80s have begun to slowly buy home products online. And some home furnishing enterprises with market vision in Shijiazhuang have extended their reach to the network platform and opened up the online shopping mall. A small number of home furnishing enterprises have already sold a certain scale through the network. There are also more and more young people browsing all kinds of building materials information online, and easily inquiring and comparing the prices of various building materials at home through the Internet. They believe that online prices are highly transparent, and they are easy to compare and purchase. “Capturing the habits of young people who like online shopping and combining the experience of home products, home furnishing companies will be able to establish a safe sales channel on the Internet,” said Zhang Yanli, director of Dongming Furniture Marketing.
The industry believes that the post-80s has become the main force of consumption in the home furnishing industry. Home furnishing companies and home improvement companies have only allowed their pulse to keep up with their pace, find accurate positioning for products, and finally win in fierce competition. .

For more information, please stay tuned to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

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