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Due to various skin problems caused by stress and busy work, women are not afraid to be as crazy as they used to be. They work late night, play all night, sleep big day, don’t eat or drink, and they don’t dare to do it again. The skin seems to have entered an inflection point, and can no longer withstand such a toss, the importance of skin care is more prominent. Re-examining the daily basic skin care, and striving to perfect every step is the foundation of skin care.
Many people have always followed the three-step music of the skin care industry's universal law "clean - toning - lotion", but many skin problems are still apparent: dull, uneven skin, no gloss... seems This universal law is not useful to everyone. In fact, life is never as simple as a three-step song. Perfect skin can't be achieved by relying on three-step music alone. The road to self-rescue of the skin is to start with the three-step music. In addition to the three-step music, what other skin care steps can not be omitted, and what impact will the omitted steps have on our skin?
A survey was conducted on this network:
In addition to the daily basic skin care (cleansing / toning / lotion), you think there are some skin care steps that can not be omitted, what do you do in the following ways?
A, regular exfoliation, reduce the precipitation of aging cells in the skin layer, improve the skin's absorption capacity, let the skin radiant.
B, hydrating mask twice a week, so that the skin is always moisturized, the water is tender and tender, and the skin is vital and elastic.
C, long-term supplementation of collagen, give the skin the best nutrition every day, reducing the traces of the years on the face.
D, stick to the eye essence every day, the eye is the first part of a woman's aging, adhere to the eye cream every day, to avoid small lines to climb the corners of the eyes.
The survey results show that 90% of netizens will choose all, 5% of netizens choose ABD, 3% of netizens will choose A or B, and 2% of netizens choose A and B.
It seems that many netizens' skin care and maintenance habits are still very professional and perfect. That's right, if you can stick to every step of maintenance for decades, I believe that your skin must look more energetic than those who have not done so, and it is a state of vitality at a glance.

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