New liquid milk packaging material was born in Beijing Fumei

   A new liquid milk packaging material and its associated liquid filling machine were successfully developed by Beijing Fumei Paper Co., Ltd. over five years. According to reports, the new liquid food packaging materials and liquid filling machines are branded as Fumei.

At present, most of the liquid milk packaging in China is a single-layer plastic film bag or multi-layer composite flexible packaging (polyethylene film, paper, aluminum foil), and the rigid container has a small share. Experts concerned said that multi-layered composite packaging milk is welcomed by the market because it can be transported and stored at room temperature and has a long shelf life after sterilization at high temperatures.

However, experts also pointed out that the paper-aluminum-plastic multi-layered liquid milk packaging material also has some shortcomings, such as aluminum foil in the processing and transportation is easy to fold, aluminum foil and polyethylene must use special formulations to be firmly compounded, and thus costly The key is the difficulty in recovery and separation after paper aluminum-plastic composites are discarded, and the cost of recycling is high.

According to reports, Mr. Zhao Tieyi of Beijing Fumei Paper Co., Ltd. has been assisted by Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China Agricultural University, Yanshan Petrochemical, and other relevant universities and research institutes for many years. Efforts have finally been made to develop a new type of paper-plastic liquid milk flexible packaging composite material and applied for and obtained national utility model patents.

According to Beijing Fumei Paper Co., Ltd., the paper-plastic flexible packaging materials they introduced combine the advantages of the current popular flexible packaging and overcome various shortcomings. The advantage is that the composite flexible packaging material extruded from paper and plastic through a special composite process is resistant to folding and has high strength, which facilitates long-term preservation and transportation. The high barrier plastic film made by blow molding is combined with white kraft cards of various thicknesses and has a low cost. Paper and plastic composites are easy to recycle after disposal.

In the development of paper-plastic new liquid milk composite packaging materials, Beijing Fumei Paper Co., Ltd. has also developed a liquid filling machine that is specially designed for Fumei brand packaging materials in response to the actual needs of user companies. Fumei brand filling machine has low cost, simple operation, convenient maintenance and strong applicability. At present, the company has applied for a patent from the State Patent Office.

According to reports, Fumei brand packaging materials and Fumei brand filling machines have successfully entered the market. Fumei Paper Co., Ltd. is applying to the national science and technology department for holding an appraisal meeting.

Now, Beijing Yihai Dairy Products Co., Ltd. has begun to use Fumei brand paper-plastic packaging materials and filling machines. So far, Sanyuan, Juer, Xinnanyang, Yinqiao and other dairy companies as well as customers in Yunnan, Shandong, Hebei and other places have contacted the purchase of fillers and materials. In various ways, customers in countries such as Japan, New Zealand and Bangladesh also negotiated.

The relevant person in charge of Beijing Fumei Company stated that the sales price of the company's paper-plastic composite flexible package is 0.18 yuan for each 250ml milk package, and the total cost is about 0.13 yuan.

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