Method for producing polyvinyl chloride compression film for blood transfusion apparatus

Patent Type: Invention Patent
Inventor: Liu Guoping
Applicant: Shanghai Aiping Plastic Co., Ltd.
Principal Applicant Address: No. 1580, Gangcheng Road, Waigaoqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201206, China
Application number: 200510110840.4
Application Date: 2005.11.28
Auditing Announcement Number: 1775511
Audited Announcement Date: 2006.05.24
Main Classification Code: B29C69/02(2006.01)I
No.: B29C69/02(2006.01)I ; B29C43/24(2006.01)I ; B29C43/58(2006.01)I ; B29C59/00(2006.01)I ; B29C71/00(2006.01)I ; B29C47/92(2006.01)I ; B29B13/00(2006.01)I ; B29B7/00(2006.01)I ; B29B7/28(2006.01)I
Category classification number:
Instruction Manual CD-ROM: D0621-1
Abstract: The invention discloses a method for preparing a polyvinyl chloride film for blood transfusion apparatus. The granular or powdery polyvinyl chloride material is added into a high-speed mixer and kneaded at a high speed, and then sent to an extruder for plasticization. , Uniform extrusion, extrusion and filtration of the extruded material, calendering by calendering to obtain a film; double-sided embossing treatment of the film peeled off by the calender, after cooling, and in addition to static electricity, After vacuuming and cleaning, the film is cut and packaged according to specifications. The inventor of the present invention summarized the manufacturing process of the polyvinyl chloride compression-rolled film for blood transfusion apparatus by studying various processes of calendering, so that the blood bag produced by the processed film meets the national standard. Therefore, the film produced by the invention has the characteristics of uniform thickness, good strength, double-faced pattern and one-way air permeability, the blood bag has smooth inner and outer surfaces, and the heat line is transparent and uniform, and will not be blocked. It can completely replace the imported blood transfusion bag film.
Sovereignty items: 1. A method for manufacturing a polyvinyl chloride film for blood transfusion apparatus, characterized in that granular or powdery polyvinyl chloride material is added to a high-speed mixer for high-speed kneading and then sent to an extruder. After plastification and uniform extrusion, the extruded materials are smelted and filtered, and then rolled by a calendering machine to obtain a film; the film peeled off by the calender is subjected to double-side embossing treatment, cooling treatment, and removal. After static electricity, vacuum cleaning, and cleaning, the film is cut into packages according to specifications.
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Agent: Wu without fear
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