Massage Chair's overall packaging solution design

The massage chair produced by the author is mainly sold to the international market, which inevitably requires long-distance transportation and multiple handling. It is precisely because of the multiple loading and unloading operations that high demands are placed on the outer packaging carton of the massage chair. In particular, due to different loading and unloading conditions in various places and some limitations, the operator often drags the product out of the container directly during the loading and unloading process. The 85kg massage chair falls from the height of 2.3m (three-layer stacking within the container). This caused the outer packaging cartons of the massage chairs to be broken, and even the key parts such as plastic parts, circuit boards, motors, and massage heads of the massage chairs would be broken, causing trade disputes and causing foreign traders to complain and complain. In general, the company will replace all damaged parts in the products that customers reflect in order to benefit the customers. However, with the continuous increase in export volume, the cost of maintenance and replacement of parts has been increasing, resulting in an increase in the cost of export products, declining competitiveness, and also affecting the company’s brand image.

In order to improve this situation and improve the unboxing integrity rate of the whole machine after it reaches the customer terminal, and enhance the brand image and market competitiveness, the company has devoted a lot of effort to improving the product packaging and improving the reliability of the whole machine. The company's technical department organized related personnel to tackle the problem, and finally put forward a massage chair integrated packaging solution.

problem analysis

In order to meet the requirements of green packaging for foreign products, the company's export massage chair outer packaging uses high-strength corrugated cardboard boxes. After analysis, the massage chair has the following characteristics after packaging:

First, the weight is heavy. The gross weight is 85kg. It should be transported by a small car when loading, unloading, and stacking containers. In the initial design, there was no hand-held opening in the packaging cartons, and it was very inconvenient to carry out the dragging while transporting, and it was handled by pulling the packing straps, which caused the products to fall and damage during transportation. At the same time, due to the heavy weight of the whole machine, the product is vulnerable to side impact and extrusion, causing damage to the built-in material.

The second is that there is a certain range of pressure area at the top of the box after packing, and there is uncertainty in the process of transportation and stacking. Especially during loading and unloading, the product is easily damaged by stepping on. The bottom structure of the product is a rigid structure, which makes the whole product shaken violently during the drop process. After almost every product has experienced a drop, the internal structure of the product will be deformed to varying degrees, and sometimes even the key components inside the massage chair will be displaced. Products sold do not work properly.

Third, the massage chair itself has a very good support performance. Because the structure of the massage chair is a steel frame welded structure, the compressive strength of the massage chair itself is very high. At the same time, because of its structural requirements, the backrest cover is made of plastic molded parts, which are very vulnerable to damage during the collision and extrusion process. The overall strength is high and the local intensity is low, and the vulnerability is obviously the key point to pay attention to during the massage chair transportation.

Figure 1 shows the force analysis of various parts of the massage chair in a packed state. In the drawings, 1 and 3 are covered textile layers, which are not easily damaged due to pressure; 2 are armrests, which form an integral part with the steel structure of the massage chair; and 5 are back covers, which are plastic parts and are easily pressed. Cracked; 4 and 6 are armrest trims and casters, respectively, which are plastic parts that are easily broken due to pressure and require key protection.

Figure 1 The force of the various parts of the massage chair in a packed state

the whole idea

After the above analysis, an overall packaging solution was adopted to solve this problem. That is, the external packaging and products are no longer split, but viewed as a whole, the massage chair and the packaging are respectively taken as two “parts”, and through the combination of the two “parts”, the final manufactured product is formed. This is a concept of a big product, which will meet the requirements of comprehensive packaging quality that is easy to transport, easy to handle, store, and unveiled out of the box. In addition, the low-cost design requirements of the overall packaging scheme must also be met.

According to the analysis of the causes of product damage in the previous transportation process, the main causes of the damage to the overall structure are external factors such as stamping, impact, and drop; and the vulnerable components of the product, such as armrest trims, casters, back covers, etc., are damaged. The main reasons for this are uncertain stamping, falling, impact, vibration, and external pressure. Based on this, the packaging ideas of "buffer protection is mainly supported by stress diffusion support" are determined. The packaging structure is divided into three parts: the chassis, the periphery and the top. The design ideas of these three parts are: the design of the reinforced support area for the bottom to meet the buffer; the protection design for the periphery to meet the mold filling structure; and the dispersive compression design for the top to enhance the diffusion and concentration pressure. as shown in picture 2.

Figure 2 overall package design

Bottom packaging design

The bottom transforms the local point or linear force structure of the massage chair into a facial force, and increases the force on the two “legs” (actually two beams on the ground, acting as a support) that are originally concentrated in the massage chair. Corrugated cardboard and multilayer boards distribute local forces across the entire bottom surface, and in the process increase cushioning through the action of the bottom two layers of corrugated cardboard. The use of seven layers of corrugated paperboard and multi-layered board as the main material for the diffusion force of the bottom part, and the full use of the compressive properties of the vertical corrugation and the shear resistance along the direction of the core paper, will eventually concentrate on the area of ​​0.1m2. The force was dispersed to 1.5m2, which reduced the pressure by 15 times, greatly reduced the destruction of the massage chair bottom of the package, and greatly reduced the impact of the external impact on the massage chair when dropped. Moreover, the cushioning properties of the composite corrugated board will continue the impact process that was originally completed in 0.02 s until 0.7 s, which will reduce the impact on the massage chair by 35 times. By simulating the dropping test of the contents, the impact force at 2.2m on the products modified at the bottom of the package only impacts the original package at a height of 0.13m, and the drop impact resistance is effectively improved.

Peripheral packaging design

1. Molded lightweight fillers such as molding foam, corrugated board, polyethylene foam, pulp molding, bubble bags, etc. are used in the inner periphery to ensure effective filling and isolation between the massage chair and the packaging box. The product is not damaged. Because the armrest trim and the caster of the massage chair are very fragile, the ability to withstand pressure is relatively small, and irregular lateral compression and impact can cause the product to be damaged. Moreover, the fiber-filled dermis cannot withstand pressure for a long time, and can easily cause damage to the shape under pressure, which is unsightly. The presence of these fillers makes the entire machine, whether plastic or dermis parts, not squeezed, thus protecting the components from damage during transportation.

2. The center of both ends of the outer multi-layer corrugated carton adopts convenient handle holes. At the same time, it also increases the design of the inner and outer locking button handles to make the products have a better lifting position during handling and stacking, which greatly facilitates the The operator's operation, and effectively improve the tear protection of the handle of the box, make the product handling process more safe and effective. As a result, the effective height of operator's products inadvertently dropped from the original 0.8m to 0.4m, which greatly reduced the damage of the product and played a good operational effect.

Top package design

There are two features for the top. First, the top of the packing box is a flat structure; secondly, the massage chair is close to the fragile and irregular structure. The purpose of packaging design is to achieve the unity of the bottom and the top and to achieve a better combination. Moreover, in the process of integration, the effective transfer and dispersion of stress is completed, and stress concentration cannot be caused, so as to avoid pressure damage to the massage chair. In order to better protect the product from external forces, after rigorous analysis, the external pressure was first applied to the internal fillers by the multi-layer corrugated cardboard and multilayer boards. The way to the bottom. as shown in picture 2.

Improved packaging effect

According to the law of conservation of energy, the energy of a falling massage chair cannot disappear without a trace, but it must be converted into another form of energy existence. Therefore, the bottom buffer layer adopts the double damping design scheme of multi-layer corrugated paperboard and multi-layer board to enhance absorption and diffusion of this part of energy. At the same time, hand-held holes are added to the middle of both ends of the packaging cartons, making it very easy for the products to be pulled and grabbed during stacking. In this way, the possibility of dropping the product during handling is reduced. Even if it fell off because of the increase in the overall performance of the box, completely avoid the possibility of breakage. Through the above improvement of the packaging structure and material combination, the quality of the product reaching the customer is effectively improved. It seems that the cost of packaging has increased, but the cost of product maintenance has been significantly reduced, customer complaints have been greatly reduced, and the brand image of the product has been further enhanced, which has effectively promoted the branding of the company.

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