Manual stripping increases efficiency

When Mark Henman, general manager of Product Support Packaging (PSP) in Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK, realized that some of the paperboard problems caused by the processing department, he hoped to find a high Efficient, low-cost solution. PSP is a carton manufacturing company that uses a variety of equipment such as circular press die cutting machines, printing slotting machines, sticking boxes and manual die cutting machines to carry out cardboard processing activities. It has market share in many industries, but The production of "pizza" trays encountered obstacles. Mr. Henman said: “Our manual die-cutting machines have a production speed of 900 sheets/hour, but in the production of these pizza cartons, the machines have to be stopped because of the need to clean up the waste generated by die-cutting, which affects the Speed ​​of production. We reflect this issue to suppliers that have recently sold new equipment to us and discussed with them the issue of manual scrapping. They said that a manual scrapping device can help us solve the problem.”

Mr. Henman said that after watching the short promotional video, he would very much like to try the device. “The facts speak louder than words,” Mr. Henman said. “The flaps machined after using this manual stripping device are clean and tidy, ensuring the efficiency of the die-cut cardboard on the sticking box machine. After a few weeks of use, we found that The waste time is reduced by 20 minutes - using Awex's manual stripping unit, the stripping process can be completed in less than 3 minutes."

Unicorn Marketing, a distributor of Awex in the United Kingdom and Ireland, has successfully developed a high-performance manual scrapping tool for removing scraps from die-cut cardboard. The unit is vacuum operated and the 980 watt motor drives an endless hardened chain with claw teeth. The chain is equipped with safety protection devices and ensures that the stacked carton boxes are not damaged. An undamaged flap can increase the productivity of the sticking machine. At the same time, the use of manual strippers can also reduce the occurrence of RSI (Cumulative Damage) — a major problem in paperboard processing operations in recent years.

The device features two-handed operation. Its working efficiency depends on the straightness of cardboard stacking. Although the ideal approach is to use automatic die-cutting machines for post-stacking, the manually die-cut cardboard can also produce satisfactory results as long as it is properly handled.

Mr. Henman said: “We have found a way to make the board code more straight, thus reducing the use of 85% of the stripping machine. The use of the counter balancing roller also ensures that the Awex stripper will not come into contact with the floor and will not Cause damage."

PSP has five production sites in the United Kingdom and currently has 70 employees at its factory in Bedfordshire. In addition to producing packaging products, warehousing services are also provided.

"Awex is a low-cost, easy-to-use tool." Richard Alcock, general manager of Unicorn Marketing, said: "In the past few months, we have received a lot of orders. The difference between this product and other devices is obvious."

Source: Global corrugated box industry

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