Make the furniture industry a national highlight of the world

Li Wanqing, deputy director of Xianghe Furniture City Management Committee

"To make the industry a national highlight, the world highlights "

Li Wanqing: It should be said that it has been seven to eight years since I started this industry. I am always in the face of this matter with leaders, predecessors and people around me. I think that Xianghe has common commonalities in the furniture industry, but there are also special Sex, the industrial cluster of other furniture, may be from the former store and the factory, but also may have advanced foundation, skilled technology, and have their own workers.

If it is said to be strong, Xianghe was also a hometown of furniture 30 years ago. At that time, the furniture was very simple. He made a table and a chair. At that time, the carpenter also played a lot of sofas and played all over China. However, it did not form its own scale and did not form a brand advantage. This is actually in the long history of history.

After 1998, Xianghe Furniture found the right way. There are several root causes: its advanced concept of furniture production in Guangdong and the whole country was brought to Xianghe. The second is to take advantage of the unique location advantage between Beijing and Tianjin; third, the spirit of the people of Xianghe is self-improving; the fourth is that the party committee government attaches great importance to and supports. Because without the support and protection of the policy, there will be no development of furniture enterprises from small to large. Without advanced concepts, there will be no support from world standards and world vision, and there is no such good development. Without such a good location, it will not be formed in retail. In terms of radiation, around 100 kilometers, we have nearly 100 million high-end consumers. This is not comparable to other places. There are also Xianghe people who dare to admit their weaknesses and are good at learning the strengths of others. Therefore, even in such an environment, they are still growing at an average rate higher than the national furniture industry every year, constantly surpassing themselves and leading the industry. Under the support and care, at this International Furniture Purchasing Festival, we invited so many national high-end people to pay attention to Xianghe and pay attention to the furniture industry. This opportunity is rare for us. We will cherish it better and make this industry a national highlight and a bright spot in the world. Let us have no crisis in this industry, only a bright future.

Moderator: Come here to make a fortune, do not go to the other three places?

Li Wanqing: Nor is it, we are brothers, have different strengths and characteristics. In terms of differential advantages, Guangdong is the big brother, the passer and the Chengdu predecessors. They are doing very well, we are just learning.

Moderator: I ask you two questions. I have been interested in two key words. The first is to dare to admit that the shortcomings play a strong role. What are your shortcomings?

Li Wanqing: This question is very sharp, and the answer is not good. Our shortcomings are somewhat conservative in our development process, and there are some unscientific structures in our own structure. But here we all go back and consult through our own reflections.

In the past two years, the furniture city has developed hundreds of thousands of square meters every year. The layman feels too fast and too much, but if you change the angle, there are different personalities for different consumers. Development, so that relative to a certain aspect, a certain audience, we may not do enough.

Moderator: Very pertinent, there is also a word that the annual growth rate of Xianghe Furniture City is higher than the average growth rate of the furniture industry. Director Chen is more tragic. Can you share how the dealers support them?

Li Wanqing: First of all, the government has a big environment to support the burdens of our dealers and malls, not only in taxation, but also in various management fees and assistance from various law enforcement agencies. In addition, we have our own management committee and have unified advertising. This is the upward momentum of the Xianghe furniture environment.

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