Laizhou Development Successful KZJ-2A/B Semi-automatic Packaging Strapping Machine

A new type of binding and packaging machine, the KZJ-2A/B semi-automatic packaging strapping machine, was successfully developed by the Haimiaohou Plating Center in Laizhou City, Shandong Province, and was put on the market.

The machine adopts low-voltage electronic circuit control and electromagnetic clutch transmission. It is characterized by safety and reliability, stable and quick operation, and less wear of the machine parts. Its hot head is made of alloy steel, long life, high reliability, and has automatic shutdown function. Energy saving. It is made of polypropylene or polyethylene plastic tape, and can be used to automatically bind cartons, wooden boxes, paper packages, willow boxes, and cloth packages. The width of the band is 6 to 15mm, and the minimum width of the band is 60mm. For any of the above specifications, the strapping speed is 1.5 seconds/channel, and the maximum binding force is 60kg. This machine has a fast strapping speed, strong and firm strapping, and is beautiful and practical. High and low platform models can be used according to the size of the strapping items. The compact structure of the whole machine makes it easy to move. It solves the difficult packing problems such as slow manual binding speed, tight binding and different sizes, and high labor intensity. It can be widely used in commerce, postal services, railways, banks, willow boxes, cloth parts, and foods. The industries and departments such as pharmaceuticals, companies, books and periodicals distribution, etc., are particularly suitable for mass-packed and stringent goods and are a new type of packaging and strapping machinery.

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