It is necessary to buy some sofas to master some tips.

As the darling of the living room, the sofa is naturally essential. I want your sofa to be comfortable and beautiful. It is not feasible to look at the exterior. Consumers should also choose from its material and quality. Of course, we still need to do some preparatory work before the real purchase.

Before purchasing a sofa, you should accurately measure the ground position of the indoor space, and then select the type and size of the sofa. Generally, the smaller room should be a solid wood sofa, preferably a wide armrest, so don't put a coffee table in the room. If the room is larger, a corner sofa or a sofa with a coffee table can be arranged.

When you are officially purchasing a sofa, you should sit down and feel the elasticity and recovery of the seat cushion, back and armrests. Do you feel deeply trapped when you sit, or you can't push your feet when you stand up? A good sofa will not make you feel uncomfortable. Its sitting and facing surfaces should fit the physiological structure of the human body. it is good.

When choosing a leather sofa, you should pay attention to its feel, breathability and grade. For leather sofas, its maintenance should be carried out frequently, and regularly wiped with leather care lotion to prevent the leather from fading, drying and deformation.

If you choose a foldable sofa, you should do it yourself to see its flexibility, rationality and robustness.

When choosing a sofa, pay attention to whether the pattern is symmetrical, especially in the seat cushion, chair back and armrest parts, the symmetry of the pattern should be required.

The above are some tips for buying a sofa. Have you mastered a good sofa these days? If you still want to know more about furniture, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Xianghe Furniture City.

Baby Finger Toothbrush

Finger Toothbrush is directly worn on the hand, its top part has friction material, when used on a finger, because the finger is more flexible, can be brushed to difficult, inconvenient place.
Before using the finger toothbrush, disinfect the toothbrush and boil it in boiling water for 3~5 minutes. It is not suitable to disinfect the toothpaste for a long time so as not to accelerate the aging.
When using a finger toothbrush, prepare a bowl of warm water (and prepare a special toothpaste), let the baby lie in the arms of the adult, hold the baby's head with one hand, and dip the finger toothbrush on the glove to clean the baby's mouth, brush the head and clean the teeth, clean the tongue, and pay attention to the gap between the teeth. After the use of cleaning, clean and dry the ventilation room to dry.

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