Is honey Baume degree the concentration of honey?

The exact concentration of honey should refer to the percentage of soluble solids in honey. Because the higher the concentration of honey, the greater the specific gravity.There seems to be a proportional relationship between the concentration and the Baume degree.In actual work, it is also customary to turn the Baume degree of honey into the concentration of honey, in a true sense , The two are different. The Baume degree of honey is greatly affected by temperature. In order to unify the comparison standards, the international standard stipulates that 20 ℃ is used as the standard temperature. At standard temperature, honey's Baume degree / water content relationship is as follows: 40/23, 41 / 22.3, 41.5 / 20.2, 42 / 19.2, 43/17.

Baume degree is just one of the expression methods of honey concentration.There are three kinds of honey concentration expression methods: Baume degree method (i.e. measured by Baume degree), water content method (i.e. measured by Abbe refractometer) and sugar content Measuring method (that is, measuring with a sugar meter). The three can be freely converted. As long as you know two of them, you can calculate the other. The internationally accepted unit is Baume.

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