Inventory of the first half of 2012, Beijing home market changes

The home circulation industry has always changed, and the closure, expansion and transformation of the store are not uncommon. Since 2011, the home market has suffered from the downturn in the property market. The market in the first half of 2012 has not improved. Although the stores have undergone transformation, renovation, and opening, it is undeniable that many home stores are still on a bumpy road. The closure of Jimei Home Wanjiacheng Store, the demolition of some areas of the Minlong Ceramics Headquarters Base, and the opening of the Xianghe Home again... The Beijing Home Store has frequent movements , and it is difficult to determine whether the road ahead can be frank.

Jimei Home Wanjiacheng Store: Closed House Renovation

Recently, the news of Jimei Home Wanjiacheng shop closed is not awkward. On May 16, the reporter went to the store to find out. At present, the door of Jimei Home Wanjiacheng Store is locked and closed. A “closed notice” was posted on the glass door at the door. It is clearly stated above: Beijing Jimei Wanjiacheng Home Market Co., Ltd. is the Jimei Home Wanjiacheng (Huilongguan) store. Due to the change of the mall business format, the venue will be upgraded and renovated. It is decided to officially close at 24 o'clock on May 5, 2012. . The notice will be issued on May 2.

So how do consumers solve the problem of product quality after closing? The reporter saw in the closing notice that all the quality problems occurred within one year of the purchase of the product were still solved by Jimei; consumers who participated in the lucky draw but did not win the prizes can apply for the redemption at Jimei Water Margin; the merchants are in 14 Within the month of the month, you can apply for the refund of the warranty at Jimei Beiling Store within 14 months.

Closed notice posted on the glass of the door of Jimei Home Wanjiacheng Store

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Comments : For the closing of the store, Jimei gave the reason for the upgrade of the venue. It is reported that Jimei will also hold a briefing session for the store. Although the venue has been withdrawn, Jimei has given a clear explanation for the follow-up services of consumers and merchants. What changes will be made in the future Jimei Wanjiacheng store is worthy of attention.

Haolong Ceramics Headquarters Base: Government Demolition

In the past two months, the demolition of the Xiaolong Ceramics Headquarters base has caused a lot of media and consumer speculation. Why is Xiaolong so big? On May 15th, Sohu Home Reporter came to the site of the Xiaolong Ceramics Headquarters to understand the situation. The on-site demolition work has been basically completed, and only a few merchants' stores have not been dismantled.

Chen Jinlin, chairman of the company's headquarters, said that the demolition is a rural urbanization, which belongs to the government's planning, rather than the dragon market. Regarding the scope and impact of the demolition, Mr. Chen said that "only part of the demolition, the impact is not big, our central point is the first street of Chinese ceramics, like Marco Polo, Jin Yitao, Mona Lisa, Xinzhongyuan, Nobel, Changgu The champions and other big brands have not been affected.” At the same time, Mr. Chen revealed that the bathroom area is ready to move to the 60,000 square meter complex opposite Marco Polo; after the small brand is removed, some areas will be planned in the south of the sanitary ware area, which will be smaller. The brand is placed inside, forming a discount hall, with the low price as the selling point of the market.

闽龙陶瓷总部基地部分拆迁 陶瓷第一街未受影响
Part of the demolition of Ceramics First Street of Minlong Ceramics Headquarters was unaffected

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Comments : The demolition is a government plan, not the behavior of Xiaolong. Nine Dragons said that the core area was not affected. The reporters interviewed the unremoved merchants and said that they were not affected by the demolition. At present, the demolition work is basically completed. I hope that Xiaolong can negotiate with the few remaining merchants as soon as possible, and take care of the interests of both parties while successfully demolition.

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