Impact of paper smoothness on print quality and improvement measures


Effect of paper smoothness on print quality

In actual work, sometimes paper with relatively high smoothness is encountered, and the print quality is not as good as that of paper with relatively low smoothness. The reason is because the concept of apparent smoothness and print smoothness is confused. The author has participated in the development of the relevant standards for coated paper, and the apparent smoothness, printed surface roughness, and roughness of the four types of paper during the period. Printing mesh point clarity were measured, the results shown in Table 1; these four pattern was observed under a magnifying glass surface, to obtain the results shown in FIG. Combining the results of Table 1 and Figure 1, it can be seen that when the surface of the paper is uneven, if the depth of the recess exceeds the thickness of the ink film, it will make it difficult for the surface of the paper to form good contact with the printing plate, thereby causing poor ink transfer or not. Uniformity, resulting in poor clarity of the printed dots and unclear imprinting. There are three main points in the influence of paper smoothness on print quality.

1. Effect on ink usage

When the surface of the paper is uneven and the structure is loose, the apparent smoothness of the paper is low, and the amount of ink required is large.

2. Influence on ink transfer uniformity

For the printed matter in the field, the printing smoothness of the paper is poor, the ink on the surface is not uniform enough, and the unevenness of the printing density is increased. For the printed matter of the mesh, the printing smoothness of the paper is poor, the quality of the dot is deteriorated, and the dots are easily generated. Loss and defects.

3. Influence on the gloss of printed matter

The better the smoothness of the paper, the easier it is to form a uniform ink film on the surface of the paper, and the higher the gloss of the print.

Paper printing smoothness improvement measures

When printing, if there is a problem of poor print smoothness, it can be improved from the following three aspects.

1. Appropriate increase in printing pressure

Appropriately increase the printing pressure, can avoid the poor contact of the paper due to the rough surface, and avoid the ink coloration phenomenon.

2. Light up before printing

Before printing, a layer of varnish is printed on the surface of the paper, which can fill the surface of the paper to improve the surface condition of the paper.

3. Using light ink thick printing process

Lighten the hue of the ink and increase the amount of ink during printing, which not only satisfies the hue requirements of printing, but also saturates the ink after printing.

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