How to save the cost of printing and repairing on the topic of offset press maintenance

With the increasing shortage of energy, saving energy and reducing consumption has become one of the important tasks of various printing companies. Its purpose is to improve economic efficiency. Printing itself is mechanical, optical, electrical and various raw materials. The complex and comprehensive operation process, how to apply the state-of-the-art, is of great benefit. The author has accumulated several years of equipment management and maintenance experience, and combined with the company's equipment use status, talk about a little experience for your reference.

1. Do a good job of air pump repair and maintenance, improve the structure of the air pump, and improve the utilization rate

With the development of equipment running at high speed, many offset presses are now equipped with two air pumps. Our two double-sided offset presses and one J2108B offset press each have medium air pumps. When the equipment is running, the auxiliary paper collecting air pump works. When the equipment is stopped, the operator is too troublesome to turn off the auxiliary air pump. The air pump is idling for a long time, which is a waste. According to the working characteristics of the air pump and years of maintenance experience, the author found that the supplementary air volume of the main air pump can be used for paper collection and suction. Operation. The method is as follows: remove the plastic screw for air supply and install a duct connector.

This is a transformation to save 3 air pumps for our company and save a lot of expenses. We use an air pump with a power of 5KW to work 16 hours in two shifts a day, 250 working days a year, and the electricity fee is 0.06 yuan. In terms of kilowatt-hour calculation, the company can save 12,000 yuan in electricity cost only for one year. In addition to the depreciation, maintenance and fuel consumption of three air pumps, it can save at least 125,000 yuan per year. The benefits of this transformation are quite impressive.

The vertical and maintenance of the air pump are also very important. High-temperature air pumps are most susceptible to damage in summer, so the filter screen should be cleaned regularly to keep the air pump clean and well ventilated. Because the air pump is frequently started for a long time, the left and right fan wheels of the air pump are often easily damaged, especially the fixing screws on the fan wheel are easy to loosen and the failure rate is high. In order to prevent the fixing screws on the fan wheel from loosening, we have taken corresponding measures to rive the six 3 symmetrical fixed fan wheels, which can extend the service life of the air pump and save maintenance costs, and it is not difficult to replace the fan wheel after improvement. Just use the grinding wheel to grind and rive the dead screws.

2. Engage in technological innovation and technological innovation

A company's folding machine is a ZY615 machine produced by Hebei Yutian. The grid's rule block is severely ground, and its center line deviates from the center of the grid to affect the accuracy of one or two folding. The shape of the dime angle iron is made into a shape that changes the rule from a line to a vertically uniform plane, which ensures the folding accuracy, and it is more convenient to replace it later. The company's 5 folding machines all performed the main song, saving a total of more than 600 yuan in maintenance costs.

When the company's new double-sided offset press was put into production, the large pin screw of the chain guide wheel on the take-up stand was broken. At that time, the live parts were urgent, and the reprocessing of the workpieces took a long time to repair. For emergency repairs, the method of drilling and threading the screw on the center hole of the large shaft broken screw was used for maintenance. This method is quick to repair and takes only a few minutes to complete, and the effect is good.

3. to sum up

After several repairs and renovations, the author believes that technological innovations and technological innovations can not only increase production efficiency, but also achieve significant economic benefits when they meet mechanical and technological requirements.

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