How to perform long-distance running exercises in winter

Winter is a good season to carry out group activities. Long-distance running, as the most popular mass sports program, is deeply loved by people of all ages. Long-distance running exercises in winter not only enhance physical fitness, resist cold, but also boost morale and exercise will. So how do you do long-distance running exercises?

Good preparation before running Warm winter temperatures are low, and you can't be too thin when you go out to run in the morning run, especially on the upper abdomen to keep warm, so as not to cause discomfort in the stomach caused by cold. It is best to drink a glass of plain water before going out. Drinking water not only can replenish moisture, but also relieve the night. Dry mouth and tongue, but also reduce blood concentration, promote blood circulation and material metabolism.

Some people are accustomed to running right out of the door. In fact, it's not good. It's best to rub your hands and face first, gently rub the ears, and wear gloves to prevent frostbite. Turn the left and right ankles separately and move the knee joints. Finally Indulge in a deep breath and adjust your psychological mood. At this point, you can start.

After mastering the correct method, the upper body is slightly forward, and the two eyes are flat. The two arms naturally swing with the rhythm of the running. The toes must face straight ahead, do not form the "eight" character, and must be strong afterwards. Be gentle on the landing and relax. There are two types of ground motions for the long-legged foot: one is the front foot of the foot or the outer side of the outer palm. This method is fast, effective, but relatively laborious. It is suitable for professional athletes to improve their performance; the other is full-footed. Landing transition to the forefoot. This method, the back muscles of the legs more relaxed, run up and save, but the speed is slow, suitable for most people and beginners, usually fitness is appropriate.

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