How to look at Asian tiles

Home decoration is inseparable from ceramic tiles, it is a good helper for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and a good decoration for the living room dining room. Among many ceramic tile brands, Asia has always been a leader in the ceramic tile industry. I believe that decorators who are used to the market will not feel strange. What about Asian tiles? Why is it always respected by people? Today we will take a look at Asian ceramic tiles from four points, and look at Asian ceramic tiles in terms of brand strength, product style, quality and price!

How to look at brand strength

Asia Group Holdings Limited is one of the most well-known all-round professional ceramic manufacturers in Asia. It is the first Chinese ceramic company listed in Singapore. The total investment in China has exceeded US $ 100 million. The headquarters is located in an international metropolis- —Shanghai, which has three subsidiaries, is the “leader” of the ceramic industry. The company has successively won the honorary titles of national user satisfaction products, national inspection-free products and Chinese famous brand products. The Asian ceramic tile has novel design, diverse styles, rich colors, noble and elegant temperament, high hardness, high wear resistance, low water absorption rate and strong anticorrosion. It has been loved by architectural design institutes, real estate developers and consumers for many years. In the past 16 years, it has provided high-end ceramic tiles for important projects such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Beijing Wangfujing Hotel, 80,000 people's gymnasium, Zhejiang Hotel, and Crown Hotel, and has become synonymous with China's top ceramic tiles. .

How to look at Asian style tiles

The reason why Asian ceramic tiles can be loved by consumers is not only because of the variety of ceramic tiles, but also in the design style of ceramic tiles. In general, there are four main styles of Asian ceramic tiles, namely Balkan ancient gold and eternity. Classic fashion, pure European luxury and Chinese elegance. The design of these four tile styles is not only diverse in style, rich in color and elegant, but also the quality of the tiles is very good. They all have high wear resistance, high hardness, and ground. Water absorption and super anticorrosion performance guarantee the quality of natural ceramic tiles.

How to look at the characteristics of Asian ceramic tiles

Asian ceramic tiles have such a high reputation, because these tiles have twelve leading, namely wear resistance, anti-slip properties, stain resistance, resistance to strength, beauty, light, real stone, touch, level, spatial integrity, The richness of specifications and the matching of accessories are leading, breaking from all aspects of visual and tactile senses, materials, specifications and product quality, to achieve a full range of design and production, and constantly innovating and innovating new technologies to create high-quality ceramic tiles.

How to look at the price of Asian ceramic tiles

Due to their different materials, the price of ceramic tiles with different functions will also be relatively different. Consumers are not only considering the price when selecting ceramic tiles, they must pay attention to check the texture of the tiles, whether there is color difference, check whether the tiles are deformed, It is best to measure whether the two diagonals of the tile are equal. Generally, the heavier the weight, the better the texture, and if you tap on the tile with your hand, the sound will be sharp and crisp. The price is just a simple reference. For specific details, it is recommended that you go to the store for detailed consultation when buying, and you will have an understanding of Asian ceramic tiles.

1. Asia YV6310 floor tiles 600 * 600mm 315.00 yuan / square meter

2. Asia BP-60205 antique brick 600 * 600mm 463.30 yuan / square meter

3. Asia Q45612 external wall glazed brick 300 * 450mm 230.00 yuan / square meter

4. Asia w1570 external wall brick 150 * 600mm 318.00 yuan / square meter

Editor's reminder: After reading the above introduction, I believe that you have a preliminary understanding of the Asian ceramic tile. If you want to know more information, you can follow this website information, or go to this website mall to find more favorite products!

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