How does the attendance system administrator's fingerprint enter the new user's employee information?

Attendance management is used to check the attendance of employees. In personnel management, the fingerprint attendance machine plays an important role and is the main basis for calculating wages, “five insurances and one gold”, and its efficiency and correctness will directly affect the economic benefits of the unit. Then, how do the company's new employees enter their fingerprints into the attendance management machine? Next, we will popularize the attendance system administrator's fingerprints and how to enter new user employees.

      1. Power on the fingerprint attendance machine. After power-on, the fingerprint attendance machine will display the welcome screen status.

      2. On the fingerprint attendance machine operation panel, press the main menu [MENU] – [User Management] – [User Registration] – [Fingerprint Registration], the screen prompts “New Registration?”, press [OK], this time you need to enter the employee. The work number, press [OK] to confirm, and the screen prompts: "Please put your finger" three times.

      3. After 3 or more presses are completed, press [OK] to save. At this point, the screen prompts: 'New registration?' We can press [ESC] to register for backup. Each employee can collect at least 2 fingerprints for use when one of them has wear and tear.

      After all these are completed, how do the attendance system administrator's fingerprints enter the new user's employee information? The first is to record the employee's fingerprint registration number and the corresponding name. Then install the attendance software on the computer, open the attendance software, enter all the company departments in the department data, click "Add" to save. Then enter or import the personnel data from EXCEL into the software in the “Personnel Information”, and finally set the time for the company to work and shift, and schedule the shift and shift. ,

      The above is a detailed explanation of how the attendance system administrator's fingerprint is entered into the new user's employee. In the future work, it can help you easily manage the employee's punch record data.

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